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  1. Anytime! Yeah, I think it's a bug that they don't delete themselves from your inventory. Also when you're incubating, make sure it's not an egg that's in your temporary inventory so that you don't sell it by accident. It ends up wasting the whole incubation ><
  2. All your eggs are expired. Get rid of them. The only one that will be able to incubate is the one at the end of the list that still has the timer on it.
  3. The PDT is a very strong tower against the larger health enemies as long as you can keep them in its' range. Sure it's situational, but I feel like it does one job really well and at least that's more than some other defenses.
  4. I think this is a cool idea for farming for lockboxes of varying rarities. You should elaborate more about how it works like you did on [[76487,users]] 's stream
  5. Oh nose! Our Betsy secrets!
  6. It's normal. She's there on some difficulties, but not on others. If you see the Quab sub core, then she won't be there.
  7. Yeah, I sometimes got that error and would have like a 0kb download to do... but the two times where it was messing up, it downloaded like 1.2 mb of something to fix some files. So I have no idea what it was doing, but then I was able to play. XD
  8. I'm just posting that because I had two occasions yesterday where I downloaded patches, and it gave me that error, and verifying kept finding 8 files missing, then would re-download them, and still not work, but then would work if I rebooted Steam afterwards.
  9. Hey guys, if you get the new patch and the servers are up, and you're still getting a Package Core Mismatch error... Try verifying the game cache and rebooting Steam. I look forward to seeing everyone in game!
  10. I was doing nothing but hard mode, and I will continue to be doing so tonight on my stream XD (10:00 pm - 1:00 am EDT) twitch.tv/elandrian
  11. Lord Elandrian. I'm boring. Any/all titles connotating royalty is fine with me. ;)
  12. I think people have made some very valid points about pricing in this thread... With that being said, I think the answer lies in a combination of methods. I believe 5 dollars is a great starting point for a whole skin. BUT I think the price point should be flexible. For example: Increase the price depending on how many customization options are available for that skin. As well as upgrades for each piece. So maybe for a base skin, keep the price cheap at 5 bucks. For a skin that has maybe 1-3 customizable slots for each armor piece, raise it to 10. For a skin that has several customizable slots AND appearance upgrades, kick it up to 15. I think we should focus on not going over 20 dollars unless the skin is just EXTRAVAGANT. i.e. Evolves appearance with kills or mana picked up, extra animations/sounds, etc. The majority of transactions should be around the 1-5 dollar range to really make people feel like they're not spending THAT much money, but have more expensive options for when people want to invest in a character that they like.
  13. The Juke Nuke spec. Big damage/speed. Low health.
  14. The Node Abode / Node Mode / Bestowed Node Commode / Massive Passives Node That's all I got!
  15. I'll take that staff of the high wizard for 12 mil. Steam ID is minesbigger
  16. I would definitely be interested in organizing some sort of PR in Chicago! Let me know if you need me, I could gather a crew together to do some publicizing downtown!
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