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  1. It's awesome to see guilds! Welcome welcome welcome! Good luck with recruiting and thanks for being a part of our community :D
  2. Might have to give them some time to respond, especially with the holidays. :)
  3. ROFL! Is it weird that I agree? Very true, I'm more just trying to get a general feel of where people are progression wise. I wish I could have had more additional specific questions, but to keep the survey free, I had to limit it to 10 questions. :( Still need more people to take it! The more the merrier. :D
  4. I've streamed the new loot build a couple times, including on the last Weekly Defense with iamisom. It's much better than the current build :D
  5. Need some more people to fill this out so we can get some real numbers. :)
  6. At least until next Monday... I'd like to get 40-200 responses if possible, to be at least semi-statistically significant.
  7. Ah yeah definitely. Well I'm trying to just see what difficulty players are in, in solo play. My hypothesis is more specific than that, but that's the general idea. This won't be some sexist or discriminatory survey like ONLY 10% GRLZ KAN DU NIGHTMARE 4! WERST SEX EVAR. Just trying to see objectively where players are and what characters they bring. :)
  8. Just getting general player information. I have a hypothesis, but I don't want to be too leading in the survey, had to add some other questions to be more general and less obvious.
  9. Hey guys, I'm doing a quick survey because I want some feedback on what difficulty that each person has achieved as a solo player, what kind of heroes/builds that you have, and if you're satisfied with the current difficulty system that exists within the game. It's really fast, only 10 questions. This is just for my personal knowledge, but I can publish what the main results were if people are interested. :) Here's the link! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9RZMWDP
  10. "Bearded Carl" sounds like some disgusting sex move. But I'm somehow still for it. [[4228,hashtags]]
  11. Brad Logston initiated the challenge on this week's devstream to make 100 unique posts about the Bearicade. I'm not sure if this means separate threads or just posts in general, but I will start us off here. We want a Bearicade. There are possible options to achieve said Bearicade in-game. It could be a tower skin for the Squire's barricade wall. It could be a skin for the Huntress's PDT walls. (Maybe a bear that throws rotten food at mobs, "poisoning" them?) It COULD be part of a separate hero. My idea for the hero would be a combination of some popular DD2 Twitch chat conversations. The Bearded Bardbearian. Bearrow towers, Bearicades, Bear-slapping traps, Beard launchers that slow. The options here are limitless. Ultimately, we want a Bearicade. Make it happen, Cap'n.
  12. Maybe a Goblin Shaman, welded onto/riding a penguin? LETS KEEP IT GOIN FOLKS. XD
  13. Same here. All my games have been running without a hitch on Windows 10.
  14. I agree with both of these posts. We need penguin pets, and maybe even a penguin boss. Ideas we had: An optimus prime transformer penguin, he's a semi-truck, and a penguin. Just like Beast Wars. A cluster of five penguins that become Peng-tron, the ultimate boss of the DD2 christmas content. A chrome penguin that you have to weld to defeat him. Penguin eggs that hatch penguin pets that eat and/or wear donuts for clothes. Just some of the genius that was part of our stream.
  15. Oh man. Totally forgot about the weapon variety... Was too busy drooling over skins. The new animations are going to be sick. XD
  16. Title says it all! What are you the most excited for in the new patch? Personally... That Valhalla Squire looks sick.
  17. Not sure when the date will be... but maybe I can help with the others. The costume is exclusive to people that had a level 25 of that character before Wipeageddon. You lose everything, but you'll be refunded the gems you've spent. Here's some info from the next patch about the wipe. Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk Survivor Costumes have been added to the game. You will find these in your Mailbox for each hero class you had at level 25 before the Wipe. The Corrupted Welp has been added to the game. You will find him in your Mailbox if you levelled a hero to 25 before the Wipe. Gems have been added to your Mailbox, based on how many Wyvern Tokens you earned before the Wipe: 20-39 Tokens = 150 Gems 40-79 Tokens = 300 Gems 80-119 Tokens = 500 Gems 120+ Tokens = 1,200 Gems If you do not receive your rewards, please go to this form and fill it out. Under the “Support Type,” select “Wipeageddon Rewards.” In the description, please mention what you were supposed to receive. We will be looking at your account information to verify your request. The Wipe As per our last Influence Vote, all progress has been reset. When you start the game, you will be immediately launched into our new tutorial. As soon as you unlock the Tavern, you will find all your Early Access, Wipe and other Rewards in your mailbox. Good luck defending! The link to the patch notes for Loot and Survive is here... https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/121483/patch-notes-loot-survive
  18. There's actually a recent blog post where they address what the testing phases mean. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/123903/the-road-to-free-to-play
  19. Hey guys. Just remember the game is still being optimized and it's still in development. Currently the game can't handle more than two players being in split screen, but who knows in the future. :)
  20. Synd, this is probably the best post of yours I've seen so far. The ideas are interesting. I think the trade system could be a combination of what some other games are doing. I'll come back and make another post when I can formulate a better opinion on the matter.
  21. What he says is true! I imagine more of a girlish "teehee!" XD
  22. LootJust one suggestion I can think of, and it might not be the best, but hey it's something. Make all loot useful in one way or another. Either implement a way to re-roll stats on gear for horizontal progression, or change the way that loot works. Make loot that drops, part of one of a pre-determined set of gear/build. I'm going to give examples, but don't hound me if the stat weights are min/max (JEEZ ELAN THIS STAT WOULD BE WAY BETTER FOR THIS CLASS UR THE WURST), just trying to show examples. For example: Tons of random loot drops in a level, but each piece is itemized to have stats that are part of a predetermined USEFUL set. You go and look at one item, and it has Defense Power, Defense Crit Damage, and randomized squire passives and/or crit. You think "nice, a piece of cannon gear!" OR a piece drops with Defense Power, Defense Health, and some aura range bonuses and you're like "ooo, monk builder."... Maybe the gear isn't the best ROLL of the stats or passives, so you have to search for better, but at least it's useful! AND, depending on the rarity of item, you can add/take away passives. So green items of these sets will only have 1 lame passive, Legendaries have three, etc. But again, the stats are still useful. Some set ideas (DP = Defense Power, DCD = Defense Crit Damage, DH = Defense Health, HD = Hero Damage, AP = Ability Power, HH= Hero Health, etc.) Builds:Builders: Cannon Squire: DP/DCD - Projectile tower range on helm, crit on some pieces, etc. Barricade Squire: DH/HH - Chance on hit to repair barricade health, healthy blockade, etc. Harpoon Squire: DP/DH - Splody weapon, ballista speed, crit, etc. Traptress: DP/DCD/DH? - Increased trap size, crit, tripwire bows, etc. Blaze Balloon Traptress - DP/DCD Trap size, Blaze passives, Heroes: BoomNade Huntress: HD, AP - Meant for stickynade uber, hero crit, piercing shot damage increase passive, etc Angry-barian Squire: HH, HD - hero damage squire bonuses, hero crit, etc Seren-e-monk: HD, HH, DP - Serenity aura passives, hero crit, tanky monk style These are just some examples... I'm sure people could come up with a bunch of "builds" for each class that's currently in the game that they feel would be useful. Maybe it makes loot too boring to use this system, but maybe it's something to just brainstorm off of to improve the loot system in some way. It would still depend on RNG to get the better ilvl/rarity rolls on gear, but at least the gear that would drop would be useful to someone's build. Another way to combat the feeling of not progressing would be to implement trading, even if it just starts out similar to WoW and Diablo 3 where you can trade loot that you just looted with people that are in your game for 4 hours or whatever, it would at least allow people to have some other way to get upgrades and promotes being social within the game. More people = bigger chance of getting something you need. These might not be the BEST ideas, but I was just looking for ways to keep players feeling like they're advancing their character in some way, all the time. (shameless plug, let's talk about end-game and improving it on my stream tonight at 8 pm EST twitch.tv/elandrian)
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