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  1. PDT's are getting worked on. Would you recommend just not trying to make more defenses viable in the live game? If things remained stagnant and the same, then people would probably still be just using geyser traps and lightning auras and quitting the game out of boredom.
  2. I'll miss pmasher too :( Benny's not really new to gaming, I think he just mis-spoke, just new to our game :D
  3. There is a tooltip inspect bug still. You might inspect other people's defenses and still see the 30% crit value even though they don't ACTUALLY have 30% crit.
  4. This should be fixed once PS4 gets the latest hotfix.
  5. Some people always have the nicest things to say on the forums! lol The gloves change is great. It still feels desirable, but not OPOP like it was before.
  6. Like I told him on Twitter, walls can only be used when doing the map solo, not with other people. Still got some work to do.... :) Just saw the vid with no walls, nice :D
  7. Start leveling some other characters using your traptress to help boost them. Campaign Easy Harbinger is easy XP if you are able to kill Harbinger without building any defenses, if not, just find a level that you can beat quickly for XP and grind it! The patch that is coming on Tuesday will boost the effectiveness for your Traptress AND it will help you find more people around your ipwr range with the introduction of the Game Browser. But yeah, I'd say finish leveling that Squire and try out some Nightmare I using your Traptress and some Squire walls and maybe some cannons for anti-air. Just have fun and get some gear :D
  8. I think limiting our thoughts on this matter to just "Hardcore" and "Casual" is over-simplifying the different groups of gamers that exist. Sure there's the "Try-hards" or "No-Lifers" that will muscle through any/all boring or non-boring gameplay to get the best gear/hardest maps completed/most bragging rights, but there's several other groups as well. I'll give you a couple of my different definitions. These usually work with any type of game, but obviously my definitions will be tailored to the Dungeon Defenders current community. Try-hards - The people that play the game TOO much, probably to an unhealthy degree. These people have made the current game they're playing their focus. They will log in all the time, and try to "be the best" (whatever the current definition of that is at the time). They are playing the game to feel better than other players and feel proud of the amount of time they spend playing on a regular basis and the personal progression that they have achieved. These players often play so much that they end up burning out, and end up going to some other game that can sate their needs for constant player progression. On a positive note though, these are the people that often find exploits, set the meta, and often figure out builds quickly. Dedicated Hardcore - These are the people that are dedicated to Dungeon Defenders and/or [Insert other games here], but also enjoy the end-game potential. These are the people that consistently come back to the game to play the new patches and experience any/all new content that is available. This group of players might go hang out in other games, but always have their eye on the current game that they're dedicated to and eagerly await further updates. They might join the RPG group or RQA to help development of the game in addition to experiencing new content on their personal accounts, or they're involved in the community in some other ways outside of the game. (This is the group that I feel that I'm a part of.) Dedicated Casual - These are the people that are semi-casually tracking the progression of the game's development, and they might check out new patches here and there, but they're really waiting for the game to be in a more finished state because they enjoy more modern polish on their games and don't want to spend a lot of time in an unfinished product because they don't have a ton of time to game in general, and want to spend it on finished products. Other members of this group can include ex-hardcore Dungeon Defenders players that may have had more time in the past and were hardcore in DD1, but don't have as much time to game anymore and are waiting/watching when DD2 will be worth getting back into. Carried Casual - These are players that like playing and advancing their characters in the least amount of time possible. They'll join streamers and other hardcore player's games to quickly boost their characters and get the fastest feeling of personal progression satisfaction that they can. Often these players will burn out extra fast on the game. They don't usually track Dev Logs or Devstreams or the progression of the game's development, they just want to play, have fun, and feel powerful in a timely fashion. My definition might be veering towards the negative, but this is a huge part of the gaming community and honestly this kind of gamer helps to boost player numbers of the game and they like feeling like they're part of a popular product. Fun-centric Casual - These are players that are checking out the game because a friend, community liason, streamer, or some other source told/compelled them to. They'll check the game out for a little, and if it's the type of game that they enjoy, then they might evolve into another player group, but often these people don't play a lot or have a lot of time to play, so they're looking for a quick satisfying experience. These are the people you'll find playing Blizzard games, CS:GO, League, etc. Usually games where they can get a quick round/match/whatever in and feel like they had fun during their time set for leisure. Currently these gamers are probably gravitating towards Overwatch. Flippant Casual - These people are here because maybe the game's just new and they wanted to check it out. Or they saw that it was free and so they check it out. Maybe someone recommended it so they'll give it a brief play. These people usually don't stay for long, or get bored because they usually solo games. These people don't often try to find other people to play with and will leave an un-finished game experience VERY quickly. There might be more to this list, but this is essentially what I was thinking about when I saw this thread and it's what came to mind.
  9. If anything ever goes wrong, just remember to [[5751,hashtags]].
  10. Looking for more people to connect with in-game? Check out the friendly streaming communities on Twitch!
  11. [[2899,users]] I think you have a new overlay to make...
  12. Never said anything about "mean comments" or "getting in their way" or "confrontation/pointed discussion." Just was stating my opinion about this thread and I strongly believe that continuing this discussion is a waste of energy until we can get a better picture of how the Hero Deck is in the future. Or are you saying I should just not post my opinion and just "steer clear" so everyone can just have an echo chamber discussion with people that agree with them?
  13. But if they finish the game with all the stuff we don't like than it's not going to be much of a game. Also they ask for feedback and while some is more hostile than others a lot of people are just tired of saying the same thing over and over for more than a year. They already understand that a lot of people don't like the current Hero Deck and it's on the docket to get changed. We can't make assumptions about what the gameplay experience is going to be like at this time.
  14. I can't say I'm a fan of this thread. This just quickly and publicly fragments our small community. I say let's all join the camp of "Let's Let Trendy Finish the Game, Then Make Educated Judgements/Opinions About Finished Game Systems"
  15. I think I'll answer what OP was trying to ask. If there was ever another wipe, they would refund all your gems, as they have in the past.
  16. I think there's definitely aspects of the current difficulty curve that need to be tweaked, but I agree with the sentiment here. I enjoy that NM is harder overall and that you need to have decently setup people to conquer the levels. I was a little salty when I couldn't beat the levels by myself anymore, but getting/making a group that could beat it became more satisfying than ever before. I feel like the fix should be to make the normal NM4 difficulty more solo-able than it's current form, but leave the incursion and onslaught the way it is to encourage group play for the hardest content.
  17. This is nothing like what happened in Payday.
  18. Part of me is enjoying the new difficulty, even as a solo player for NM4... I want incentives for grouping. I can't do the same content solo anymore, but I've been able to do it with other people. However, The need to group starts to really show the need for a better matchmaking/game hosting system with options for listing what is needed where, and what hero types/builders are needed in any given game. An easier way to browse the current games and see where your builds are needed would amplify the game experience tenfold.
  19. Frosty towers are working fine for me. They give DP and still freeze. They don't give DP in the tavern if you're checking in there, but it's working on maps for me :o
  20. Hero HP and Def HP is rolling all the time for me on the new build.
  21. Lord ElandrianHey guys! I'm a member of The Casters Guild and I stream some DD2 on a semi-regular basis! Come check out the channel by clicking on my name above. I usually stream from 8-10 pm EST Sunday Evenings and occasionally you can catch me on the Weekly Defense with iamisom, at 5 pm EST on Thursday Afternoons. I also sometimes help carry/have fun with I_PASS_BUTTER on the Trendy Devstreams at 5 PM EST on Friday Afternoons. I'm always up for answering questions about the game and discussing upcoming content and changes in the game.
  22. They're new weapons getting added to the loot table as drops once we unlock them. Get all your friends in this! Need moar! :D
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