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  1. Can confirm that we are deleting/removing everything that Zimmermann enjoys. RIP. /sarcasm :D
  2. There's a lot of changes on the horizon that are going to effect every hero that is currently in our game. (In my opinion, for the better.) I'd love to elaborate more, but we'll be revealing more fairly soon. I think most of the concerns here are being addressed, but I appreciate the thoughtful post!
  3. Rofl! I'm fairly certain the event was set to automatically shut off, but I liked this post. Carry on.
  4. We've checked out the Pandynator vids, we just need more instances of the lag happening for investigation. :)
  5. We're still working like crazy to reliably reproduce the multi-builder lag issue in house. PLEASE try to send us specific video of when it happens and post it on our Community Bug Reporting Forum. To make it even easier, here's the link to the bug itself: https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/80/multiple-builder-lag-issue (I don't know why the link doesn't work... just highlight and copy/paste -_-)
  6. Obviously I have a biased opinion because I know about the work that went into them... But I think they look like Terminator skellies, it's hard to show in a GIF/screenie, but they have some added VFX and a metallic material/texture to the bones and stuff. It's pretty sweet :)
  7. That's my bad on the confusion guys and gals. I didn't really communicate that clearly on the Devstream, I've hosted Twitch streams before, but that was my first time hosting our Devstream and I was trying hard to get it right. Needless to say, I facepalmed pretty hard at myself when iamisom showed me this thread.
  8. Here's some of the new pet colorization. :)
  9. It's cancelled this week. The next Devstream will be on the 21st! We'll still be making some posts to keep everyone up to date. So will we have to make new questions for next weeks stream or will the questions of this canceled stream be used as well? We'll keep the thread and just continue it for next stream :)
  10. It's cancelled this week. The next Devstream will be on the 21st! We'll still be making some posts to keep everyone up to date.
  11. This was an error in my communication. It does display the damage. The damage that it does when stunning a target factors in the Defense Critical Damage, not the 0-3 attack damage.
  12. Just really quickly on these two points: The hotkey hero swapping that is disable at the end of a map was intentional. It's a temporary fix to prevent some strange bugs that some players experienced where they would just stay dead after the map was over. Snaking Sands is working as intended. It does damage, but I don't believe it was explained well. It will not do damage as it is slowing. The damage hits when the mobs are stunned by it. Our training dummies can't be stunned, therefore, they can't take damage from the Sands.
  13. PC, only because I don't have reward keys for PS4 yet. :)
  14. Have a question for us? Ask away in this thread, and we'll do our best to answer them on the Devstream on Friday, September 23rd at 3PM EDT.
  15. This is a quick fix for the current issue with daily mission reset and completion, and we’ll have a better fix for this on Tuesday. Bug Fixes Fixed the daily mission refresh to continue giving new daily missions and map bonuses. Known Issue Anyone that comes into the patch with three existing quests, and you complete one quest, you’ll get another daily quest that was meant for the following day. Then ON that following day, you will not receive a new quest. It’s a little wonky, but we’re working on it. If you’re playing on PS4, all of these changes will be in the Dark Altar Update on Tuesday.
  16. Hey Defenders! We're pushing back the new Dark Altar patch trailer and our weekly Dev Log to tomorrow, September 8th. We needed some extra time to add a little extra razzle dazzle and whim, wham, wozzle to the trailer. Can't wait to show it to everyone! -Elandrian
  17. Currency. Because I still have faith that one day I'll get some Wyvern tokens. ;_;
  18. This is a known issue and we're working on a fix ASAP. :)
  19. It's still going to highlight the critical hits, it's just cleaning up the spam. You can also still view individual numbers very easily, you just have to slow down your rate of attack. Slow weapons and attacks will still appear individually. Also, it's an option you can turn on or off depending on if you like it. :)
  20. Please just do a strawpoll or something instead of separate posts.
  21. I felt the same way about the new Incursion and I hope that we can replicate that feeling further. [[24592,users]] Why you gotta come and poop in the good feelings cereal man?! Hahaha. <3 u bb. This team is busting their butts for the game and I'm glad I've gotten to see the work that gets put in behind the scenes.
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