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  1. We'll be talking about something possibly today/tomorrow, but most of the upcoming stuff we'll reveal in/on/around January. We're not deploying a build right before our Holiday break unfortunately, cause we wouldn't be here to fix it if the game imploded while we were gone or something awful happened. Fun news though: We found several things that could be causing multiplayer lag and fixed them, so we might have some fixes for that shortly after we come back from break :D
  2. Not all of that information is accurate, we've deviated from that plan a bit, but there's some big new updates coming up soon for Dungeon Defenders 2. :) That right there is the single most worrying thing I could have read. Basically sounds like the same approach from before where the devs all have ideas on where to take the game and whoever makes the strongest/loudest argument will get their idea worked on until the next "better" idea comes along. That was at least the picture that was painted for me by some people on the inside when I was still playing the game. Yeah that's not how it has been at all since I got here in July. We've talked a lot about our upcoming plans for the game and what systems are getting improved, but aren't revealing everything just yet. We're still planning on more enemies, new systems that address concerns with passives/spheres and making all our heroes more interesting and engaging to play. Plus a bunch more things that will keep end-game players more involved than just "Get 750 gear and you're done."
  3. Not all of that information is accurate, we've deviated from that plan a bit, but there's some big new updates coming up soon for Dungeon Defenders 2. :)
  4. The Holiday Siege Update and new Hotfix is live on PS4 and Steam. Check out the Holiday Tree for presents each day! The Permafrost Pack of all the ice-themed hero costumes is live on Steam today, and is coming out on December 22nd for PS4! HOTFIXES The Goblins will deliver presents once a day to the Holiday Tree in the Heroes Marketplace or the Private Tavern. Then they will patiently wait 24 hours after you take the present and possibly give you more... Iron Reaper can now be properly equipped on the Squire again. PS4 - Fixed an issue with the analog stick with Game Browser navigation.
  5. We appreciate your feedback about our tone on the forums. While we may have been making a post in jest, we also never forget that our community are people too. We're not in the business of "chasing off customers" so I apologize if that post came off as too aggressive. I'm locking this thread cause it's devolved a bit, and we'll do our best to make sure our tone improves in the future.
  6. Our Art Director actually picked THREE different winners. Most Aesthetically Pleasing: ScorpionKing0's "The corruption will not sway her." The "How Did You Get That Shot" Award: Pandynator's 2nd Shot The "Clever Quip/Title" Award: Zimmermann's "Don't speak with your mouth full!" I'll be PMing winners, so check your inbox! Congrats :D
  7. The Permafrost Pack will be going live on Steam soon! Just waiting on Steam to approve it! :)
  8. Experience Winter in Etheria with the Holiday Siege Update Out Now on PC, Later this Week on PS4!FEATURESSiege Rollers, ROLL OUT! After months of Goblin Research and Development, the Harbinger has deployed a new war machine onto the battlefields of Etheria. Holidays in Etheria! New decorations in the Heroes Marketplace and on a limited number of maps! Happy Holidays! The goblins are toiling relentlessly making presents for the Holiday Tree. Check back soon for presents! Costume Showcase Check out even more costumes in the newly designed Costume Showcase at the Seamstress. BALANCEDryad Removed collision from the Hornets so they can properly target enemies. BUG FIXESThere were some areas of Siphon Site D that the Dryad could sneakily build … Well, NOT ANYMORE! Fixed an issue with some skeletons spawning underneath the main core on Greystone Plaza. We learned how to spell “Watermelon.” Hornets no longer attack empty space on the Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion. Fissure of Embermount’s AoE graphic should be less distorted in some cases. No more typos in the Forest Biome loading screen and description. No more typos in the Soul of Night tooltip. Fixed typos with Little-Horn Valley’s description. Fixed the wording for the Skeletal Orc Health and Abyss Knight Damage passives. Fixed some collision issues with areas of the Heroes Marketplace. Fixed some collision issues with pillars on both forms of the Ramparts maps. Fixed a case where people could get behind the enemy spawner on Forest Biome. Fixed the Mystic’s Hemolytic Poison sphere’s poison stacking infinitely. Fixed an issue on the Harbinger’s Warship where you could G up before the victory matinee and not get your victory chest. Fixed an issue with the From the Ashes Phoenix Box Passive where it would travel along the ground rather than firing into the sky. The “Delete Hero” button at the Forge works again. Mystic’s Sand Viper towers now focus targets affected by Dark Torment properly. Mystic’s Sand Viper tower now can be affected by buff beam. Fixed an issue with Damage over Time effects not critting properly. This change should have added critical chances back for a number of defenses/abilities: Dryad's Corrupt Mushrooms/Blessing, Huntress's Blaze Balloons/Poison Dart Tower DoT, Gunwitch's Snipe Poison Rune, Mystic's Lash Out and Dark Torment, Squire's Sword of Unholy Fire, Abyss Lord's Left Click attack, Lavamancer's Fissure of Embermount and Monk's Lightning Aura. Souls of Night no longer expire. Fixed an issue where a buff beam would be destroyed if a buffed tower was moved or sold. Fixed some visual effect issues with goblins. Proton beams no longer drain Boost Aura when not hitting anything. Fixed an issue with the Dryad where you couldn’t upgrade towers in corrupt form. Fixed an issue with the Dryad’s Hornet’s Nest health value being displayed too high above the tower. Fixed a typo with the “3 Castle Wins” quest. Fixed a typo in pet tooltips. Learned how to spell “Abilities.” Buried Bastille has the correct iPwr recommendation and correct description now. PS4 - Fixed an issue where the cursor would go back up to the top of the item category after the “Are You Sure” confirmation box.
  9. We'll pick a winner this Monday when I can get our Art Director's opinion! :D
  10. Love the thread and some of the comments about how different combinations of towers should be more viable, but with that said, let's make sure it remains constructive here. I think we have some upcoming changes to the game that will deliver some of the desires and concerns that you guys have posted in this thread. I know I always say "SOON TM" but we WILL be telling you guys soon XD I love the guys that make Extra Credits.
  11. The real answer here is not that he was really manipulating what you said, but that we're a development studio and we just can't make the mistake of promising features and additions to the game that might end up not getting delivered for whatever reason. So we have to be careful about when/if we announce and discuss new feature additions to the game. That's just kind of the reality of game development with a small team. We want to promise the world and add every feature under the sun, but we have to prioritize and be realistic and figure out what we can actually deliver. We want to be SURE that we're able to deliver the feature to you so that we can get you hyped about it. With that being said, we'll be trickling out information about this next update and the one following VERY soon. We ARE focused on core feature/system changes, we ARE putting hero work on a break for a bit. So Isom was pretty on-point with his response. Hope that answer helps! :)
  12. The Holiday Siege Update comes out next Tuesday, so let’s take a look into the update and at the past year of development. (If you want to see it in action, tune in to our Holiday Siege Devstream tomorrow at 3PM EST at twitch.tv/trendyent !) Colin Fisher, Assistant Producer (Elandrian) I thought this Dev Log should be bits of what Dev Logs have been before and a little bit of looking back over the year of development. This is my first Dev Log debut, but here’s a little introduction for anyone that doesn’t already know me from the forums/Twitch/community/etc.This past year, I’ve gone from end-game player, Dungeon Defenders II Twitch streamer, Production Intern at Trendy, to a full Assistant Producer helping out with more aspects of development than I can count. The past year of development for Dungeon Defenders II has been filled with updates (58 at the last count @_@) and the team here at Trendy has been diligently working on game systems, content, and trying to keep development on two platforms up to speed with each other. Did I also mention that we had over 950 bug fixes? (We counted.) We’ve also had some huge moments for the game happen over the past year: Releasing the first new hero, the Abyss Lord Hot-swapping in combat between heroes Finding games via the Game Browser We revamped the campaign experience, providing more story and quicker progression to get into the end-game. Hero Deck Overhaul - Remember when you could only build with the four heroes in your deck? Remember when we fixed it so that you can build with all your heroes!? (I ‘member.) Community Bug Reporting Site - Vote for the bugs that bother you the most and we review it on a regular basis! Getting the opportunity to work with Re-Logic and the Terraria on an amazing crossover. We wanted to pack the game with content over the year, and we really achieved that with boatloads of new maps, incursions, weapons, and heroes. Looking back at a feature-packed year, I’m beyond hyped for the next year working on Dungeon Defenders II. Stay tuned for our January blog where we’ll put together a comprehensive retrospective and future plans for DD2. I guess it’s time to delve into the details about the Holiday Siege Update! This patch is definitely one of our smaller updates, but it’s still one of our more meaningful ones. We’ve been talking about adding new enemies into the normal enemy schedules on maps for a while now and are continuing to work on adding more, but we’re delivering on that now with this update. As someone who is in a “player-first” mentality (since I still actively play and interact with players), I’m pumped for any/all new enemies. The Siege Roller is really going to shake up a lot of the popular builds right now. On the recent Trendy Friday Fun Twitch stream, a couple of community members and I decimated the Forest Biome with a Volcano tower spam build. I tried to replicate that scenario using Volcanoes against the new Siege Rollers and the struggle was REAL. My Volcanoes did a good job of destroying the normal mob waves, but the Siege Roller blasted right through my walls and defenses and dumpstered my core. It was AWESOME!!! In addition to the Siege Roller, we’re adding in some fun Holiday content as well. Our artists really go above and beyond when it comes to decorating our social areas for the holidays. The Heroes Marketplace and Private Tavern have been decked out with holiday decorations, and remember to head over to the Holiday Tree for a chance to get a present each day that contains some random consumables! (Maybe, it’ll even give you some Souls of Night!) In the spirit of the season, the art team came together and pumped out seasonal Ice-themed costumes for every hero currently in our game. (I’m partial to the Lavamancer because he’s in a perpetual state of confusion … Is he lava? ... Is he ice? Who knows anymore!) This next year is going to be chock-full of improvements to the core game experience with the next couple months primarily focused on end-game, and I can’t wait for everyone to try it out. Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith) I’m going to bust out some crazy stats, too! This year, we wrote 1.93 Gigabytes of Design Documentation. We created 995 (we’ll probably hit 1k) design files that are all contained within 212 folders because we like to stay organized. The design team thudded on their desks in frustration a grand total of 288 times, Brett was thanked for last night roughly 210 times this year, 33% of our design team was punched at least once in the eyeball, and we managed to get by this year with only one heinous act of unprofessionalism… In all seriousness though, I’m happy at what we all managed to accomplish in 2016, and I’m super proud of the phenomenal people I get to work with every day. At the start of this year, we hadn’t made a new hero in about 3ish years. It was an intimidating and terrifying task. The year is over, and we launched 6 new heroes, and designed about 9 of them. We learned a lot with each release and then started a grand push towards getting the game out of early access. We also got the chance to work with the awesome team at Re-Logic on our Terraria crossover which was probably one of the more involved crossovers between two companies I’ve seen so far. As we wrap up 2016, I hope you all are looking forward to what 2017 will look like. We have massive, maassssssivvvee changes coming to DD2 that aim to revitalize its end game. While we can’t talk about much yet, we hope that by the end of 2017, the game will look substantially different. Making games and working on a live game, specifically, is never easy, and the road ahead is long and potentially tricky, but with such an awesome community backing us, I’m confident we can work it out. Speaking of our community, we also hired Colin Fisher this year. He is a huge fan of DD2, is part of our Caster’s Guild, eventually came onboard as an assistant producer, and is doing a bangup job spreading the cheer and memes around the office. We also hired Eric Petrie, another dedicated DD2 player, semi pro Overwatch player, and a phenomenal QA tester. Are there more of you out there? Maybe… let’s see what happens in 2017. John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242) It’s been a long but fun year here at Trendy. Lots of changes and more than a few late nights and weekends. Here are a some of my favorite pieces from the last 365. Wait a minute, who is this guy? Must be some character the community never voted for.... Steven Collins, Level Design (Esorath) Working on creating some updated enemies to add new threats and mechanics. We’ve seen some threads floating around about mechanics that already exist in the game that you would like to see on enemies. Taking these and some internal ideas we’ve got some serious threats coming out. Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3odoc) These last weeks, I've been working on a new tileset for what might be our next level. That means I've been creating new meshes, textures, and materials mostly, but I've also been fixing some world building/collisions related bugs. Finally, I'd like to share with you a pic of the level we worked on. As you can see this level focused on the barbarian aesthetic. Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi) I've been working on multiple task last weeks, from bug fixing (most of them related to collision problems) to an art test for future levels. We're trying to improve our painting skills and that means a lot of fun!. Here's some stuff I did for the art test level. Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier) I am working on a secret project which I can neither confirm or deny.
  13. We're talking about the Holiday Siege Update on this Devstream. Check it out! We talk about the new Siege Roller enemy, Holiday Event and the future of DD2!
  14. Also I was sick for the past two days so that probably didn't help. ;_;
  15. It's not that we're planning a "PDT nerf patch"... I was more just stating that we're working on passives as a whole, and as a result, our game will be in a more balanced state. HOPEFULLY that will resolve the "PDT is meta" concern when we can release those changes.
  16. We're doing a Devstream tomorrow, and we're working on putting out a Dev Log, just still writing it at the moment. Our schedule for streams has been posted on our Twitch page, it got adjusted a little to make up for the Holiday schedule, but we've still had a Trendy stream every Friday. We're constantly sharing more and more information about what we're working on with the game, so you'll just have to stay tuned for what we have in store. :)
  17. You guys ever thought of making a sticky thread for each community challenge for people to post in, which will also stat the rules and what exactly the challenge is for people to try? Then take it down when over or something? We usually at least do a sticky post for submissions, it just got lost in the kerfuffle of the Terraria Update release work that we were binging on at the time.
  18. Use this thread, I'll refer back to it. We'll pick out winners on our Devstream on Dec. 9th. :)
  19. We definitely want to offer this pack on a sale, we just wanted to make sure that it became available on PS4 as well first. So stay tuned! :)
  20. Here are the notes for Hotfix 17.2 on Steam and PS4! PS4 HOTFIXES Reverted the check for restricting hero equipment to the heroes that they rolled for. Create Hero Screen was focusing on costumes that you don’t own instead of just showing the regular hero creation causing some confusion. The Eye of Cthulu and Demon Eyes cannot be killed by making them follow you down pits and off the edge of the map. The Poison Imbuement Buff from Vile Mushrooms no longer applies to the Eye of Cthulu. (No more four-shotting, hope you already got your Meowmere) Random Ogres don’t spawn together and get stuck anymore on the Forest Biome map. Dryad’s Harpy’s Perch does not keep attacking if the World Tree near it is sold and then rebuilt. Boots no longer generate with default stats for all heroes. There was an issue where they were dropping with incorrectly rolled stats for Gunwitch, Abyss Lord, etc. Abyss Lord’s Skeletal Orc was maintaining the Direct Command buff for wayyy too long. Pressing X on the souls of the night consumable no longer removes them from the inventory. Tooltips no longer stay on screen during the Item Enhancement process on PS4.Fixed an issue with not being able to build near the World Tree.PC HOTFIXFixed an issue with not being able to build near the World Tree. PC and PS4 are now on the same build.
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