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  1. You guys got a heartfelt goodbye... This is what he sent his coworkers...
  2. Hmm... These are some interesting desires and concerns. It's too bad nobody working on this new thing reads these and understands where the community is coming from. Darn. ;)
  3. Just to re-iterate what [[12589,users]] said... We used to do streams every two weeks, but it usually degraded into minimal news updates and mostly Q&A that just answered the same questions that had been answered countless times before, week by week... by week. We're trying to make sure that the actual Devstreams have more news and are more impactful, instead of just being meaningless stream noise. Devstreams take time and effort out of team members that are usually working on other features and/or teams. The newest host of the Devstreams (yours truly) is involved with many different aspects of development as a Producer and sometimes we need to prioritize how we spend our time accordingly in order to make sure that we're working on the issues that people are concerned about. Another thing to remember, is that while some gameplay changes might seem shallow and easy to execute on the surface from a player perspective, it might be a different development reality altogether for us to execute on. This is one thing I've learned first-hand from transitioning from DD2 player to developer. We have many different avenues of communication with our dev team, with streams only being one of them, so please engage in talking to us on the forums, our official Discord server, mentioning our account on Twitter, and submitting support tickets when you have issues.
  4. Hellllll no. I wear +9001 Community Manager Immunity gear IRL.
  5. But in all seriousness, please put in a ticket at support.trendyent.com
  6. June 23rd, 2017 Hey everyone! Since Ice is pretty heavily involved in helping to fix our server instability, your production master Elandrian is going to post in his stead! We really appreciate everyone's eagerness to jump into Dungeon Defenders II, and we can't wait to have all our server issues resolved so everyone can play the game as smoothly as we intended. Most of our team is working throughout the weekend to deploy several server-side fixes that we hope will improve connectivity on all of our platforms. Some of these changes may be rolling out today as we continue to look into it. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on our progress in real time as we deploy them! June 22nd, 2017 Starting off, I want to thank everyone's support and patience while we take on the issues that appeared from the launch of DD2! Yesterday was another day of our servers hitting a new max in load across our various regions and platforms. We brought down the servers in the afternoon to bump up several resources (like our databases) to handle the increase of overall load. While that resolved two issues, two more appeared immediately that weren't as simple to fix; however, the good news is that around 11pm EDT yesterday we put out a hotfix to our servers to handle things a bit differently so you can get in easier. Here's some extra information overall on what's going on: We now allow clients to go through authentication properly even if their closest region is at full capacity. This means you may appear in a nearby region instead of the region that's likely best for you. You can verify your region by going into your option menu at the title screen. We're looking into doing a quick patch on some of the clients soon to stop them from causing unneeded load on the servers. This will allow us to have more players in a region and less chance of a region dying when lots of users are jumping in and out of the game. We're investigating why Xbox clients are all favoring the US East region over the others. If you're in the EU and are having an unexpected laggy experience, take a moment to check your region in the option menu at the title screen and make sure you're in the EU server region. The public taverns/towns will have lower player counts for the time being as the normal amount was causing unexpected crashing (especially on Xbox One). Thank you once again, and we plan to keep changes coming in quickly to ensure this weekend goes smoothly! :)
  7. This is my reaction playing the new loot changes and knowing that they're going to positively effect players and will help to remove that feeling of hitting an "upgrade wall" or "getting stuck."
  8. They would be liars. Nobody's over 1000 yet.
  9. It'll be Isom's fault. You heard it here first. #BlameIsomIsBack2017
  10. "Mistical queen with snake" heard your plea and sent you 100 Defender Medals. Please make more videos.
  11. We're not going to be giving back Defender Medals, but we ARE going to reward people for spending that extra time farming medals for spheres with an comparable amount of gold that will allow you to make significant strides in the new end game systems. What is that amount you ask? Well we're still iterating on our economy at the moment so I can't say exactly what it is yet :)
  12. You can gain near limitless Ascension levels. There is a progression curve to Ascension gains at the moment. We're still in the process of iterating and adjusting, and we probably still will be even when the patch launches. :)
  13. It was just a security update. Not the big one ;) Also, Trendy Friday Fun streams are NOT the same as Devstreams hahaha. We'll have more formal devstreams to talk about the new things coming with the big update.
  14. I'd say he's about a George Costanza... which is obviously God Tier.
  15. Like I said on Trendy Friday Fun this past Friday: It just comes down to the development progress that we make. I'd love to have a Devstream this week so we'll see what we can do! :)
  16. The bundle is for a limited time, but the skins will remain on the store for 400 gems each. The bundle might return in the future as a "seasonal" bundle.
  17. Okay hold the phone for one second. You were one of the old streamers of the game for trendy back when the game launched. When did they actually hire you? It had to have been after the first wave of cuts at the studio when butter got canned so I'm just confused they have a seemingly very high turnover there. Since I posted the thread i've had the one person streaming the game on another monitor and it looks like an impossible heap to try and balance. So many heroes with 4 towers each and dps builds for most against tons of different enemies (and more coming). Any tweak to that will seem to throw something else even further out of whack. I don't know maybe I'm just expecting the game to be something that it isn't going to be where knowledge and strategy are the key components to beating the game. Just seems to be a cluster of crap and explosions going on to keep kids interested... and look at that I've become an old man about strategy games... Yeah I was, haha! I came in a while after the cuts, started working at Trendy in July as an intern and was formally hired at the beginning of September. There's a lot of work being done currently that finally address a lot of the systems in the game that we (as players) have wanted improved since last year. I'm convinced that a lot of the changes will increase the amount of strategizing that players will need to employ and steer away from the "get high enough ipwr and just win" that's been going on. It's a different team now here at Trendy, but I'm confident that we'll make the game more engaging in our quest to get out of Early Access.
  18. We'll be talking about something possibly today/tomorrow, but most of the upcoming stuff we'll reveal in/on/around January. We're not deploying a build right before our Holiday break unfortunately, cause we wouldn't be here to fix it if the game imploded while we were gone or something awful happened. Fun news though: We found several things that could be causing multiplayer lag and fixed them, so we might have some fixes for that shortly after we come back from break :D
  19. Not all of that information is accurate, we've deviated from that plan a bit, but there's some big new updates coming up soon for Dungeon Defenders 2. :) That right there is the single most worrying thing I could have read. Basically sounds like the same approach from before where the devs all have ideas on where to take the game and whoever makes the strongest/loudest argument will get their idea worked on until the next "better" idea comes along. That was at least the picture that was painted for me by some people on the inside when I was still playing the game. Yeah that's not how it has been at all since I got here in July. We've talked a lot about our upcoming plans for the game and what systems are getting improved, but aren't revealing everything just yet. We're still planning on more enemies, new systems that address concerns with passives/spheres and making all our heroes more interesting and engaging to play. Plus a bunch more things that will keep end-game players more involved than just "Get 750 gear and you're done."
  20. Not all of that information is accurate, we've deviated from that plan a bit, but there's some big new updates coming up soon for Dungeon Defenders 2. :)
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