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  1. We'll still plan to release on console, but like I've said in some other places before, it will take a different source of funding or extra time to make that happen if it doesn't get accomplished with the Kickstarter. 

    We'll figure it out, we want everyone to play DD:A!  With your support, we'll get there!

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  2. I'm fairly sure Iamisom had artificially inflated post counts in the past migration that happened as a reward for veteran users. (After the previous forum hosts WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS had wiped the forum by accident.)

    I lost a good 500+ as well.

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  3. @Jaws_420 quote:
    @Fozzie quote:

    Ridiculously high.

    Expeditions and mods will have to be very good or Trendy have blown it.

    Completely agree with you. This seems aimed only at the top players. No new player will have 10+ deadly strikes to gild a single shard for like 6+ months, let alone their whole setup. Way way way overshot this number. That plus the bag space issues they just created. Total fail on this part of the update IMO. So disappointed. 

    Anyone who thinks this number works for new or even intermediate players is just flat out smoking crack. Just made gilding mostly unreachable to most of the masses, except for the crap stuff that drops all the time that you don't need. Maybe campaign stuff will be somewhat reachable, but any of the more rare shards - just completely out of reach now. 

    At the current rate that i have found DS shards, i could have my team fully gilded in about 3 years. Yeah...right. So disappointed. 

    We took a look our data on Shard earn rates and player Shard stockpiling, and this end price was significantly lower than what it was originally and what our data would have had us set.

  4. @Fennimoe quote:

    Have a quick question. I logged in to Facebook from your title screen. Liked and followed the page. I then created a Twitter account and followed you. 

    Now, how do I receive the free the outfits?

    You have to go to the right places.  You don't just automatically get it for liking/following.  These places should supply you with a code that you can redeem in-game at the Mailbox.



  5. Greetings Defenders,

    Well that was unexpected! Initially I was going to make another “Friday Check In with Elandrian” post tomorrow, but today sounds better!

    For those that aren’t in the loop, we accidentally broke Onslaught for our PS4 audience today by introducing some of the code for the new features that are coming out. I’d like to explain why this happened, but also what we’re working on that’s coming out soon so that it will all make sense.

    Here’s quick rundown of some of the features and changes coming for Dungeon Defenders II.

    Short Term (Targeting Next Week)

    Retry and Reroll Map in Onslaught

    We’re adding the ability to retry any given map that you’re on as many times as you want! In addition to this, you can choose to reroll the current map that you’re on, up to three times. This will allow you to reroll the modifiers, enemies, and sometimes the map itself depending on where you are in the Floor.  This added functionality was the code that released early on PS4 and broke Onslaught on the current live build.

    Memory Optimization

    Another fun thing that’s coming with the retry/reroll is some matchmaking memory improvements, too! We’ve increased the amount of maps you can play before being sent back to the Tavern or Heroes Marketplace. You can spend a lot more time playing!

    Medium Term

    Moving Shards from Items to Slots

    We’re making Shards a little easier to manage. Instead of having to unequip/equip Shards repeatedly when you get new items, you’ll only have to place them once. Set it and forget it!  We’re moving the Shard slots themselves to the equipment slots for Gear and Defenses. There’s some UI changes to the left side of the Inventory that are coming with this as well to make this experience easier for PC and console players. We’ll provide more specifics soon, but we just wanted to let you know that it’s coming!

    Clearer Itemization and Item Scores

    We’re going to be introducing three different score ratings. Item Score, Hero Score, and the tentatively named Deck Score.  It’s a version of ipower, but a newer, fancy-schmancy version to help you understand your item progression.  Our new designers have been hard at work making a system that will make it easier for Defenders to understand where they are in our progression!

    A New Hero

    We’re still planning to release a very muscly boi… and we’re getting closer and closer to his release. We can start to feel the frigid winds of the Etherian Mountains reaching our Florida-based studio...

    Longer Term

    Ancient Power Changes

    More rewards! More reasons to gain Ancient Power! We want to make Ancient Power worth your time and effort, so we will be tuning what exists currently and then building more on top of it. We have a lot of ideas about how to make this system more rewarding, and we’re hard at work trying out various new solutions for players to check out. Keep accumulating Ancient Power, we’ll make it worth it!

    We’re crafting a lot of designs based on feedback that we gather from various sources. We’re always looking for specific feedback about what you enjoy and even what you’re not enjoying, so keep letting us know!  

    Protip: “Ancient Power is bad” is not good feedback. “The Ancient Power buffs don’t feel powerful enough to me” is much better.

    Social Gating

    We’re working on some systems to make it easier to play with your friends in Onslaught. We’re still debating over the specifics, but ultimately the end result will allow players to play together easier. Our designers threw together some creative options that might even add some new ways for players to interact!

    More Content and Unannounced Features

    We want this year to be filled with meaningful updates to Dungeon Defenders II. Our team is excited to work on new features and fixes that the community has wanted for years. We know the current state of Onslaught and Ancient Power was more foundational and not fully realized yet, but with your help, we can make Dungeon Defenders II into the best Action RPG/Tower Defense game possible.

    I’m excited to talk about what’s coming out this year for the game, and I’ll be posting some more intermittent forum posts, as well as social posts on my Twitter handle, @LordElandrian. Give me a follow if you want to stay up to date with our current state of development and smaller dev tidbits here and there.

    To see our recent hotfixes, check out our Patch Notes section here!

    Thanks again for being Defenders, and I can’t wait to continue defending Etheria with you,


  6. Greetings Defenders!

    We’ve been pouring through your feedback and reactions this week, so I just wanted to check in and let you know what we’re working on to address it, and some fixes that are coming up in this next week!

    First, here’s a quick rundown of some of the fixes coming next week:

    • Several fixes for people getting forced back to the HUB or Private Tavern in the middle of an Onslaught floor with their friends, and other matchmaking errors.

    • Fixed an issue so that we now show the right Onslaught Floors available to you on the War Table.  It was set to one floor below where it should have been.

    • Removed the Cybork / Geode schedule from the Onslaught rotation.

    • Fixing some of the bugs with Mutator and Schedule Blacklisting.  This was making some combinations of mutators and enemies to get paired together when they shouldn’t have been.

    • Console billboards should be easier to read and their scaling was adjusted.

    • Fixed an issue with double billboards showing up on some modes/maps.

    • Fixed an issue with not being able to tab over to all your bags

    • Fixed an Xbox One X crash.

    • And more!

    In addition to the fixes coming next week, we’ve also read through all your input and comments about Onslaught, Ancient Power, and The Lost Temple map.  Here’s some of the things we’ll be addressing after the holidays and in the coming months:

    • A way for Defenders to possibly Retry maps two and three in an Onslaught Floor.

    • Quality of life changes for Shard and Item Management

    • Some sort of Free-play-esque Mode where you can select your map.

    • Quality of life Mastery improvements to make it easier to understand the challenges and limitations.

    • Improvements to public game visibility.  Improving browsing for games that you can see and join.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies, and even some of the not-so-thoughtful.  All of the feedback has been useful for us, and we can’t wait to continue evolving the game into something better.

    You already know who it is,


  7. Greetings Defenders!  

    Released a quick patch that fixes a bug when you gain Ancient Power.

    Allocated Ascension Points weren't resetting like they were supposed to, so it's fixed now!
    Ascension Point Allocation will be reset for all players that have gained Ancient Power.

    There's more bug fixes coming this next week, and we'll be posting about a bunch of other feedback and things soon!  So stay tuned!

    Click here for Power of the Ancients 2.0 Notes

  8. Greetings Defenders!  

    Released a quick patch that fixes a bug when you gain Ancient Power.

    Allocated Ascension Points weren't resetting like they were supposed to, so it's fixed now!
    Ascension Point Allocation will be reset for all players that have gained Ancient Power.

    There's more bug fixes coming this next week, and we'll be posting about a bunch of other feedback and things soon!  So stay tuned!

    Click here for Power of the Ancients 2.0 Notes

  9. Just to re-iterate what [[12589,users]] said...  We used to do streams every two weeks, but it usually degraded into minimal news updates and mostly Q&A that just answered the same questions that had been answered countless times before, week by week... by week.  

    We're trying to make sure that the actual Devstreams have more news and are more impactful, instead of just being meaningless stream noise.  Devstreams take time and effort out of team members that are usually working on other features and/or teams.  The newest host of the Devstreams (yours truly) is involved with many different aspects of development as a Producer and sometimes we need to prioritize how we spend our time accordingly in order to make sure that we're working on the issues that people are concerned about.

    Another thing to remember, is that while some gameplay changes might seem shallow and easy to execute on the surface from a player perspective, it might be a different development reality altogether for us to execute on.  This is one thing I've learned first-hand from transitioning from DD2 player to developer.

    We have many different avenues of communication with our dev team, with streams only being one of them, so please engage in talking to us on the forums, our official Discord server, mentioning our account on Twitter, and submitting support tickets when you have issues.

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