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  1. April Check-In With Elandrian

    @metalpower quote:

    Anything more rewards for people who helped you out since the beginning ?

    And anything about this reset non sense onslaught crap ?
    Still going at it?

    I have zero fun in the game since 1 year...
    No interesting bosses at all.
    The mutators idea in onslaught is a very good idea but it came with a very bad idea of reset grinding crap system...

    I would add that now it's even more awful to get stuff fast .
    I play since the beginning of dd2, played dd1 and dde too a lot.

    To make the reset fun, you should at least let the gear in another state like:

    If you reset, you get your gear at highest loot base gear of chaos 1.
    Then you need to upgrade it to max to have it to base max stat of chaos 2 when you unlock this mode.
    Same thing for chaos 3, 4 , 5 , 6, 7, etc...

    Instead of having to farm those crappy gear over and over and over, and hoping that the loot system will eventually accept you to have better gear.

    The ipz is broken, same with money gear loot system, same with stat number.

    It s a real pain in the ass.

    What do you think about this guys?

    I still hope you will do something great about the game.
    Onslaught and reset clearly isn t at the moment.
    Just looking at the stat of how many players are playing at the game frequency say that too.


    Thanks for all the feedback metalpower!  There's a lot of changes in this upcoming expansion in the summer that we hope will change how this feels for all our players. 

    Definitely keep an eye out on the announcements that will be rolling out soon and let us know what you think!

    In response to metalpower

  2. April Check-In With Elandrian

    Just to be turbo-diamond tier clear...  The limited time offer Bank Vault is FREE.  You'll get another limited time Flair cosmetic as well with the bundle. 


    It's really just a bonus for everyone logging in during the Bank launch.  :)

  3. Ancient's Prelude: Coming Next Week!

    @KnowsNoLimits quote:

    Sounds promising, but I have one concern here.

    Hyper shards not being sellable is good in a way, but bad in another. As that's going to add to the problem of limited inventory space we are already experiencing.

    Normal shards are already taking up the bulk of my inventory.

    Anyway here's hoping for a golden Dragolich.

    I don't think it'll be too bad.  You'll only be awarded one of each kind, there aren't that many, and odds are high that you'll have them equipped in your gear, not sitting in your Inventory.

    In response to KnowsNoLimits

  4. Trials Report #4 – Release Date!

    @jason4570 quote:

    Hmm, what to buy now.  I have 500+ of theses. :(

    Wyvern Tokens

    • Wyvern Tokens were disabled last May, but with this update, they’ll be fully removed from the game. Spend them now!

    IMO buy the item XP boosters and SPEND THEM.  Boost your ipwr before the patch. :)  (Or buy Pet affection boosters, those will stay.)

    In response to jason4570

  5. Trials Report #4 – Release Date!

    @oliwaltony quote:

    I'm pretty much hyped about this update coming, but I have a question. Since you mentionned months agoes that the endgame update was going to be the last part before the game getting out of beta (or alpha or any other state it is right now I'm bad with those names ahaha), will this update comes with trophies on ps4? Will the game get out of alpha/beta soon? Thanks alot Trendy! I look foward to this update.


    This update will not include trophies, but will be out at the same time for PS4.  :)

    In response to oliwaltony

  6. Trials: The Endgame Update – New Power

    @Aree quote:

    What about the skillspheres that cost medals, not gold?

    Similar answer to what I posted before but...
    We're still working on our economy balance, so I'm not going to announce what the compensation ratios are for Skill Spheres and whatnot, but we're working on a way to reward you for having spent the time farming Medals for Spheres.

    In response to Aree

  7. Trials: The Endgame Update – New Power

    @Darkthing quote:

    So you are saying we should keep gear solely based on high item power at the moment? Is that the current plan for us to prep for the update?

    Similar answer to what I posted before but...
    We're still working on our economy balance, so I'm not going to announce what the compensation ratios are for stuff.  But farm high ilvl gear/upgrade gear to a higher ilvl because it will give you a decent kickstart into the new content.

    In response to Darkthing

  8. Trials: The Endgame Update – New Power

    @Zimmermann quote:

    So Hyped!

    A couple of questions:

    1. Whats more valuable; item boosters, medals or gold? basically should I buy spheres, item boosters or sit on my medals?
    2. Will the spheres we get be in any way connected to the ipwr of our current gear? if so, will this be based on how many 716-750 base range items we have? or how many are equipped? or the current ipwr of those items taking into account upgrades?
    3. Like question 2, will our "progress into chaos" be affected by the number of ipwr 716-750 base range items we have, the number equipped by heroes or their actual current ipwr (taking into account upgrades).

    Dump your item boosters.  Keep your medals and farm dat gold.  (This is just the opinion of Elandrian)

    We're still working on our economy balance, so I'm not going to announce what the compensation ratios are for stuff.  But farm high ilvl gear because it will give you a decent kickstart into the new content.

    In response to Zimmermann

  9. Trials: The Endgame Update – New Power

    @Donaga quote:

    To compare to Diablo 3:

    - Shards system = Legendary gems

    - Ascension system = Paragon

    Not to be negative about DD2 at all. Diablo 3 has proven these systems allow for more depth and meaningful extended amount of gameplay time. Hope DD2's version has enough depth to keep people playing.

    It'd probably be more accurate to compare Shards to a combination of Warframe mods and Path of Exile gems.  And Ascension to a combination of D3 Paragon and MMO Talent passive trees. They're just each kind of a combination of similar progression systems. :)

    In response to Donaga

  10. Dev Log 93 – Happy Holiday Hints

    @Unicorn808 quote:

    So I may have missed this, but what about selling things? Will that become more streamlined with the inventory updated? (auto-sell??)

    You won't be able to sell automatically, but it will be significantly easier to sort/bulk sell items that you don't want.  It will definitely be more streamlined. :)

    In response to Unicorn808

  11. Dev Log 93 – Happy Holiday Hints

    @Zimmermann quote:

    All very interesting stuff!

    Blacksmith Though I love the idea of slots and shards to boost defenses, I am saddened by what seems like a potential loss of complexity to builders, with only 1 item and 1-2 shards effecting each defense down from 7 items, and at least 3-4 passives. 

    Basically what I am trying to say is, more variables (items/passives etc) increases the variability of the power outcome of your defenses. This is a very good thing! it keeps people playing, adds a grind and longevity. For example: I am super proud of my 5.2k lighting auras with perfect crit and huge range, my 4571 DP 50% frosty power App and my 4568 DP 400% Purge SA monk. 

    With the new system, it sounds like everyone will have basically the same strength towers, so someone who plays exclusively Lightning auras (assuming thats still possible) will not have better lightning auras then someone who just leveled up a hero and maxed out his shard got his relic.

    Yes RNG in obtaining gear sucks, but at the same time RNG is always a good thing in creating longevity and a sense of accomplishment. I would love to see an improvement on RNG, but I am fearful of a system that does away with all the current variability in the power of our defenses. I do not want to cap out on the power of my defenses after finding the equivalent of a 750 relic with perfect passives and maxing out my "Lighting Aura shard".

    Apologies for the rambling its late. I will hopefully reread it tomorrow and edit it to make more sense.

    Don't forget that this isn't all the new stuff coming ;)

    In response to Zimmermann

  12. The Dark Altar Devstream: Recap

    @Raghin quote:

    Clarification please! Barricades only or Blockades only?

    As in, Squire Barricade only, or any Character's Blockade (Arcane, Skeletal Orc, Colossus, Earth Maw)? 

    And how will you be tracking this? Do we record a video or do you have an achievement lined up to track if we did it successfully?

    Any character's main waller blockade.  Aka.  Squire Blockade, Apprentice Barricade, Abyss Lord Skeletal Orc, Lavamancer Maw, No Colossus though.  

    Tracking the same way as before.  Post a video on YouTube or Tweet at me, @LordElandrian , or PM me on Twitch.

    In response to Raghin

  13. Molten Citadel Update Out Now!

    @TheLightningAbyss quote:

    Awesome! But when you say "Legacy pets..." and "Legacy Gear" do you mean legendary, or is there something I don't know about? XD

    Pets were old version pets from pre-Wipeageddon days that were getting some crazy stat scaling.  These stats have been re-rolled.

    In response to TheLightningAbyss

  14. Calling All Heroes PS4 Update Out Now

    @pagansoldier quote:

    Question why did steam players get a free code for a chance to get the abyss lord or 200 defender medals but not ps4....just wondering

    It's most likely because it's much easier to generate codes for the PC version.  Sony's code generation is a much more involved process where they have to approve it each time.  I'm not 100% on this, but I'm fairly certain getting codes for the PS4 stuff is harder.

    In response to pagansoldier

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