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  1. What do you mean? You guys got real "in-game" footage of the test map XD (All the Kickstarter stuff is very much WIP and the art in the game is going to get, as our team calls it, "better-fied.")
  2. Ok so only build timers in DD:A, got it.
  3. All of this constructive feedback is great. As long as people are staying level-headed, we love to read through what people want and expect from DD:A. We want to build this game for the players, so it's essential that these considerations are built into our design process.
  4. The goal of the backer-store will be for add-on products right now if you want more quantity. The pledge specific rewards are going to be exclusive to those Kickstarter tiers. :)
  5. Ooo ooo ooo! I'll answer! Have faith in us, @gotrunks712 -chan! At your kickstarter page you have mentioned the forge is in our pocket. Does that mean we will be able to access the inventory from everywhere like we did in DD2? We’re still discussing the specifics of this, but yes, our goal is to reduce the barriers to getting to the fun parts of gameplay, and we didn’t think running back and forth to the forge for item and hero management was a good time. Will you use DD2's hero swap feature and will we be able to swap heroes during combat phase? This is something we’re still discussing amongst the design team. I don’t think hero swapping in combat phase will return, but we do want to make it more efficient to do build phase without having to run back and forth and switch characters… so we’ll see. Will we have mana nodes like in DD2 or do we have to open chests for mana in DDA? We want mana acquisition to be easier than having to run around and gather every chest like in DD1. Will there be an AFK timer? This is something we’ll still be discussing. We want people to be able to step away/pause their gameplay if they’re alone, but maybe there will be one in online play to prevent leechers. It’s still an active discussion. Will there be costumes and tower skins? Costumes definitely, but in the same vein as DD1. So a DD2-esque costume shop won’t be returning, but there will definitely be cosmetic outfits for heroes. Do you want to use a build timer like in DD1 after certain difficulties or keep the more relaxed build mode from DD2? This is something that we’re still discussing as a design team. I feel like the build timer was nice in some game modes, so I’m sure we’ll have some sort of gameplay that has more limited time build phases for added challenge. Since there was a bit of a demand at DD2 for implementing pets like we had in DD1: Will you reintroduce DD1's pets? DD:A will have a similar pet system to DD1. Will there be shards and mods? We have no plans for Shards and Mods at this time. We did enjoy the options they gave you though, so we'll be creating new ways that loot will be more interesting and let you have more control over your loadout. Can we expect some of DD2's shards (skills)? Stunning and boom servos are awesome. (and would make great animations possible in DDA) We want the loot game to be interesting and engaging, so we’ll have some nice surprises when it comes to loot. Do you wanna keep DD2's item reroll system, change it or even trash it? We like the additional control that players have over their stats and setups in DD2, so we’ve been discussing ways that we can accomplish that with DD:A. Will it be possible to keep and evolve our weapons and armor like we can do it in DD? This is something that I’d like to do in some form or another. One example would be the pet you get from the Kickstarter campaign. My goal with that would be to let you level it up/evolve it and maintain its usefulness throughout the game’s progression. Will you use maps from DD1 and DD2 or only DD1? We’ll be talking a little more about maps in the near future, some of it has story implications… but we plan on using content that’s available to us from DD1 and DD2 as a jumpstart to building content for DD:A. We also want to do all-new content as well! DD2's subcores limited some lanes (like Dragonfall Bazaar or the two sewer maps) so there was no possibility to make a build that was really fun. Will you use subcores in DDA again? If yes, will you change it so the problem's with DD2's map/lane limitation won't be repeated? I’m not sure sub-cores will be returning in DD:A. We didn’t find that they resonated with a lot of players in DD2, but we haven’t made the final decision on that for DD:A just yet. However, I don’t think they’ll be returning. Will there be DD2's heroes? Without giving TOO much away, there might be some returning characters... Will even more heroes come? (Man and Machine, etc.) This is something that I would like to do. Unreal Engine 4’s tools actually make hero creation much easier for us than in DD2. The successful Kickstarter campaign will help our ability to add more content/new heroes, etc. for the base game. But they’re also on the table to be included for eventual DLC packs as well. How will Hero leveling work? Do you want to keep DD2's system or will the players level each hero separately like we did at DD1? This is still in the design phase. We’re taking and planning out what we enjoyed from both games and building a new system from that. Do you intend do keep the idea of ascension levels or will the hero be maxed out at a specific level? Again, this is also still in design. We’re having discussions about how the progression systems will work in DD:A as we begin to build our base stat systems and enemy scaling right now. At your kickstarter page we can see that enemies react to traps (being thrown through the air) and harpoons (being pinned to the wall) in a creative and more detailed way that we know it from DD1. Any chance you can give us some more examples at present? One thing we’ve been toying with, is the idea of “pinball enemies” where the physics can allow enemies to bounce between bouncer blockades or off walls and you can create unique and interesting death traps of bumbling enemies with different combinations of towers. The end result will be determined by our technical and optimization limitations, but we’re trying to do awesome stuff! Do you want to keep defenses' speed/dmg/range rather civil or will we be able to obtain stats similar to DD1? (especially aura size and harpoon speed) We want defense to feel awesome, ridiculous, and powerful. That’s our goal with gaining strength in DD:A. We’ll have some interesting statistical interactions, but we’re still having those design discussions. Will I be able to give items to other players? We’d like trading and exchanging items in some format in DD:A, but we’re trying to figure out a better way of executing that, that would be less exploitable. We’ve had some issues with duplication and whatnot in DD2, and even our hacked stats from DD1, so we’re trying to take our learnings from that as we move forward. On Twitter I have seen you have mentioned that you wanna bring back local gameplay. Will it be able to use our local game-heroes online too or do we have to restart from scratch if we decide to play online after a while? This is something we’re trying to figure out how it would work with online play. We want people to be progressing on characters whenever/wherever they can play, in online and offline, so we’re going to see how much freedom we can give there. Since DD1 had a lot of problems with hacked gear where even innocent players could be banned because they have traded gear without knowing it was hacked and DD2 was advertised not to have these problems because it is 100 % server sided: How will these problems be prevented with DDA if we can play local too? We’re exploring solutions for this right now as a team, and there’s some options, but we have some good plans for preventing hacked/cheated stats and gear in online play. How do you intend to handle online features like group/party, kick/ignore? At DD1 one player had full control while control was shared at DD2. Both systems can be abused and led to a lot of discussion in the past. What is your focus here? In DD:A, we plan to use client to client multiplayer connections, so since you’re hosting the session, the host will most likely get full control. I hope that answers those questions a little bit better!
  6. We're not legally allowed to make an official response. What's available is what's already been posted around the interwebs. GOOD DAY!
  7. The goal is to do peer to peer networking again for DD:A. Having another game with server costs would hurt our small company pretty significantly. There will still be some online bonus-y stuff that you'll have to connect to some server for, like possible cross-platform save support, but ultimately the hosting/playing will be client to client.
  8. We have a team that's very familiar with how to build a Dungeon Defenders game. And fortunately with Unreal Engine 4, it speeds up our ability to develop by a ton. The successful Kickstarter will let us expand our team a bit more and add more content to the final project, but in terms of game features and systems, we're able to get them done in a very aggressive timeframe.
  9. The Backers Only store would be for Kickstarter backers.
  10. Welp. Now it's gonna happen. Blame @Captain Alejo.
  11. We'll still plan to release on console, but like I've said in some other places before, it will take a different source of funding or extra time to make that happen if it doesn't get accomplished with the Kickstarter. We'll figure it out, we want everyone to play DD:A! With your support, we'll get there!
  12. I thought I posted something about this already. ;_;
  13. One of the inspirations behind the secret VIP room was the lounge in Star Wars: The Old Republic for people that had purchased the Collector's Edition. We want to have a cool space where "VIP's" can feel like ballers with their friends. There may be some additional VIP perks, but nothing like gameplay advantage like other games with "VIP Packs" and things like that. This is meant to be a prestige bonus for giving us that extra support. One thing we're exploring is social spaces like the HUB from DD2, and the Relays in Warframe for players, and if we did those, what could a VIP room in a HUB look like? That's our goal with the VIP space. The elite lounge for the elite. We could easily explore doing a "VIP" forum for the elite backers if that's of interest to the VIP level people, just let us know! We also still plan to have some fun secrets/secret rooms for normal players as well, it won't just be exclusive to VIP's. VIP's just get the fancy one.
  14. We're definitely still focused on having awesome and occasionally wacky weapons. I'm all about those.
  15. Love these threads. Keep it up! So what I'm really hearing... is only Dark Assassin and Sharken waves... yesss. Got it.
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