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  1. When I un-equip an item, the shards disappear, and they don't appear as an option to re-equip when I re-equip the same item. Is anyone having the same issue? Can someone help?!
  2. Just what the subject line says... I'm looking for some friendly folks to play mastery with. Have completed most of C1, and a good portion of C2. I have quite a few maxed characters, and a decent pile of shards to build, so I can usually build maps, but could use another builder as well to help on those "30 seconds to build" maps. Having a way to talk is also very helpful, I know a few Discord servers we can use. Anyway, hope there are some others out there looking to jump in as well! It really is a fun mode, especially when you have like-minded folks that can play well and communicate. I ha
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone! Picked up a dryad, and figuring her out as we speak. By the way, I'm at floor 8 (I think) and chaos IV.
  4. As the title mentions, I'm ready to buy a new hero. Returning after being away fro a while, have the AL and witch, and was curious what was my best (builder) option for the new guys. Would love to know who you guys like, and why. Thanks!
  5. ok.... just to save you the time, I tried it on easy in a few different types (campaign and free mode) and also did NM4, all 3. I can understand why they did it, still sad :P
  6. Just wondering if this is across the board for Harbringer, and whether or not it was intentional. My guess is yes and yes, but I'd like to know if other ppl are having the same result.
  7. Yes yes yes. How is this not an option?!
  8. Is there a place that has this information? I'm looking for the most efficient way to farm solo (or in a group that doesn't have to be terribly coordinated.... I like playing with ther ppl too :) Thanks in advance!
  9. It seems to happen in both places, though less often in the enchanter. And a bag may no show tooltips when I press "I", but then show them if I am in the enchanter, or vice versa. Likewise, I've tried closing and reopening bags, changing their position in the inventory, changing characters, etc, and it still seems to be flaky. The problem also seems to get progressively worse as my gaming session continues, until eventually I can't see any tooltips. This is especially the case after I sell or switch out items.
  10. This has been a problem FOREVER, and it is just so darn frustrating! I've tried altering the bags so that they don't have any filters or sorting, but the problem persists, and seems to affect different bags (some I can view my gear's attirbutes, some I can not). Obvisoully, not being able to see the specs in my gear makes it REALLY hard to know if something is an upgrade or not.... and without that, there isn't any point in playing. I've purchased all the extra bags, both thru in-game gems and thru the Baggins package, if that makes a difference. Please help!
  11. I wouldn't mind another slot in the hero deck, but I think getting rid of it all together is a bit much. I for one like focusing my efforts on a limited number of characters. Gearing is enough of a pain as is. And while the most efficient meta is well known for NM4, it's not the ONLY way you can do it. If you want to forgo frost towers and traps, it's possible (I've done it), just harder.
  12. Can you descripe that "well geared"? Herodmg/Herohealth? My monk is in NM4 gear (mostly cast-offs from my other characters, not much in terms of secondary stats), with every piece having hero attack, and the rest split between ability power and hero health. Honestly, I'm not sure if that is the best way to gear it; my gut tells me that having more health and less ability power might be worth it, as the most impressive thing about his ability is the ease with which he can shatter. Those questions aside, I can say that I REALLY enjy playing the monk, it is a blast, with lots of utility. You
  13. I would highly suggest supporting the game if you are enjoying it, and invest in some more bags.
  14. IMO, monk is better than the squire if you are looking for a melee DPS. If he is well geared and hanging out in a serenity, he can hold a lane just as well as a squire, while doing far more damage. And yes, I'm talking about NM4
  15. Oh my, what would we do if we didn't find something on the internet to cause one to get theirs pants/panties in a twist (note the non-sexist inclusion of both genders)? I suggest the OP chill out, and make a sandwich.
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