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  1. A little over 50 deadly strikes. Probably only opened around 20 packs when I first started. Just a bunch of farming.
  2. Sorted a vault bag and now want to organize that bag differently, but cannot un-sort? I have clicked "sort" a second time hoping to "un-sort". No luck. Any help?
  3. I didn't fare so well against him. A mastery level with no auras. He caught me off guard.
  4. After patch today, Mastery, level 6 on wave 2/5 just froze while playing.
  5. Same here, since update when returning to Tavern. Twice yesterday, once this morning. I close application and restart. (PS4)
  6. C3 only having the one shard out of the chest about 60% of the time for me. PS4 also
  7. It's been approximately one year since I've played. Actually started back up two days ago. I believe I'm in the same boat with the freezing issue. PS4 has froze twice now, both times when enemy counts reaches zero. Totally locks up and have to shut down DD2 "Close Application".
  8. Yes, it kind of works. Started out in "Private" game. After winning the level, I clicked "To Tavern" and I returned to my "Private" tavern. Perfect, all good so far. Here's where it messed up. I just played a "Private" Chaos level (doubt that makes a difference) and clicked "Continue" after winning. I then decided to stop playing and I clicked "Leave Session". Popped up returning to "Tavern", but it returned me to "Town". It's not a big deal.
  9. Where do I report issues? Any character in ascension, utility, ability mana says: "Maximum Ability Mana increased by NO STAT OF TAG StadMod_Post (NO STAT OF TAG" Huntress in ascension, defense, poison dart tower damage says: "Poison Dart Tower gain NO STAT OF TAG StadMod_Post (NO STAT OF TAG StatMod_Post)"
  10. Can I stay in a "Private Tavern?" I start out by logging into a "Private Tavern", but after each game (win or lose) I return to the "Public Town". Is it possible to stay private? Thanks
  11. PVP was also great in DD1! I used to get perturbed at my son for looking at my side of the split-screen. We still laugh about how he somehow always beat me. Of course, he never looked at my side of the screen. Only started this post to reminisce. Loved DD1, like many people love DD2. I've just never given DD2 a fair chance. Please, no negative posts please about either game. Best today was a 158 oculus and I did a giraffe run.
  12. Wish I could turn back time! Five Moraggo runs today, highest item was a 133 oculus. Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. [360] Did the quick version of the tutorial yet didn't get the accomplishment for going through the tutorial called "Good Student". This wouldn't be that big of a deal but, there is no way to go through the tutorial after the first time. (that I have noticed anyway) And this accomplishment has to be received in order to receive the accomplishment for achieving all accomplishments. Yes, that was a bit interesting to explain haha. Please let me know how to fix this. Someone will help you! There is a way to reset the tutorials, so you can watch them. Think in options?
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