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  1. i would like to point out that if you continue to complain about the events they might just stop doing them so i think that everyone should hug and be friends and love the events for the fun of the events and not for the rewards
  2. you should make all of them require lv 91 to use so its like a trophy and nobody will dupe it
  3. I might join in on the PS3 side it could ignite that old spark that drove me to play this otherwise repetitive game. :p
  4. It is too bad that the PS3 staff was cut short so we couldnt play the map but I still got to meet some new people and get 50 million xp!!! Hopefully next time I will get to play as well, still it was pretty cool and worth my time.
  5. ive seen a 100 upgrade robot but not sure if it was a darkbot or generic tavern bought robot
  6. it does base and poison so make sure to upgrade base and not elemental
  7. Plus it is a new game with new characters and stuff so there really shouldnt be any sort of importing of characters. I mean lets say you play MW3 for a year and a half then Blops 2 comes out, they arent going to import characters I think it would make the game to easy.
  8. aquanos weapons yes, giraffes idk maybe no one has pulled one yet
  9. no when you exit the game it will also go negative so never go above 128 and it will be all good
  10. k thanks for taking the time to read this and give me a response so soon.
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