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  1. We all have access to the configuration panel though... indeed we do, but how many people use it?
  2. I sincerely hope you are joking, as a defense toggle is so very simple. Shift+D (for ex) to toggle seeing defenses on the mini-map does not take a genius. wish i was XD tbh if it's a combination for the toggle then no problem. it's just when games use single keys, and players press it and boom they don't know what happened for example (h) which im not saying people have had problems with but i assume so.
  3. What i would like to see (a little off topic) would be the ability to hide everything on the map, including ranks, except Towers so you can see a basic layout for maps and it'd help giving advice to new players. I.E I completed Magus Quarters on Insane with this layout of towers/Auras. *insert screenshot here* Or am i the only one? ddplanner?....
  4. And your faith for applying an accurate loot filter? very high, editing defense visibility hosts downsides, where as simply editing loot visibility doesn't hold drawbacks, its a simple case of players not having to see stuff they'd never want or have interest in. in terms of the actual applications accuracy, within options you add a new menu Loot; Cursed hide[] (tick box) Torn hide[] Worn hide[] Stocky hide[] Solid hide[] Sturdy hide[] Polished hide[] Shining hide[] Powerful hide[] Amazing hide[] Epic hide[] Legendary hide[] Godly
  5. What about a tower toggle to only show towers in need of repair then? now theres smart thinking =
  6. If you make it a quick access toggle, you can, for example, hide towers for a minute while scanning for gear, then show them when you are done to look at what needs repairing. Yeah i'm aware of how it will work, and how simple it would be, but my faith in peoples ability to utilize things isnt all that high XD
  7. I think the first step is to hide the towers on the mini map via a toggle. that has a certain drawback though, being; for lower end players not knowing when to repair/upgrade towers
  8. i've searched the forum and found nothing on it, this is to trendy, why not add in the option to hide loot? its been implemented into many online games with restriction options such as hide hide hide i mean the minimap shows up for myths and trans etc but how about getting rid of the onscreen mass? this will reduce the needed upload bandwidth from the hosts and make the gameplay all over smoother possibility or not?
  9. yes i do realise theres a typo in there "kinda + of" if thats what you're refering to?
  10. Sounds more like you logged onto Open instead of Ranked, it has nothing to do with server issues, you just dont wanna sound like a fool ;) just no. never have and never will play on open. and i'm not the kinda of person to make mistakes there for idiots. and why would logging onto open only affect a few items and not everything? the items that were affected were newly moved items. they came back into my inv whilst i was still logged in, still playing just took awhile to do so. so no, void.
  11. all is now back, wasnt a rollback, just a case of the server not updating everything. came back a few hours later... plus 147 ups on a blasticus i thinks rather good. yeah i have lvl 80's+ with +250 up stuff but thats different gear all together. so to wrap things up the relay between the host and the server is the problem.
  12. Lol. Kid, look at his stats. He definitely has some experience with this game. And yes it does save after pretty much everything, not EVERY KILL or whatever, but changes to inventory and such. Also, farming Blasticus? Wat o right? so because somebody plays a game alot says they know the technical side of things? i think not.... the reason so many people got banned from this game is because of exploiting the every now and then upload to the servers. allowing you to change things client side which then updated to the server. yeah i wanted to see that top ups i could get, turns out
  13. and yet another dc.... sur aquanos... wtf is going on with this game since this latest patch.
  14. you really musnt know this game then. at all. if you go through the forums you can quite clearly see lots of complaints about the dc rollbacks. and this game does not save every single thing at all. it uses the hosts system and occasionally uploads it to the servers to reduce strain on their servers. dont respond with things you're not aware of.
  15. Trendy net goes down and i think ive just lost my blasticus' that i'd just farmed, some sexy stats as well... but nooo.... all my pets that i'd just moved ready to complete the achievement... thats what i've found so far... i assume armor and weapons went as well.... thing is i just reorganized my entire collection.... some good trans there. probably going to find some of those missing -_- gj trendy.
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