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  1. 130, spearmint, poolskim on chain chest
  2. 130 + spearmint on chain chest
  3. 30cv on the chain chest
  4. Hello guys. More ++ here. Accepting standard currency: coal (1:8), cubes, diamonds (5/10/15), and events. In particular I'm interested in obtaining a set of event guardians, NPC/Celeb, ++ chain app pieces, or a good ++ adept clava. IC: https://imgur.com/a/0t5Ad8I C/O Sparus: 15cv - Poe C/O Prist Chest: 25cv - Garz Auction ends 5/24/19.
  5. bomp bomp. auction ends tomorrow
  6. Sneeze

    Contest [ENDED]

    the edge of the abyss
  7. Hi friends. Cubes, diamonds (5/10/15), and events accepted. Reserve the right to keep this if the bids aren't to my liking. I am interested in a set of event guardians and good adept clava. Auction ends 5/11/19 IC: https://imgur.com/a/53UKkYP C/O: 50 cv - uber
  8. im tired but this was certainly interesting. thanks for the giveaway/contest https://steamcommunity.com/id/MoarNubstuffs/
  9. itd be good to get the post deleted and try again. forum is bugged and you cant delete pictures lol
  10. Hi friends. Back at it with another fresh drop. Accepting regular currency and events. Diamonds valued at 5/10/15 Auction ends 4/25/19 IC C/O: Marid, Waterfall, Double cap, 5 noncap (80cv) - Escev
  11. updated c/o. auction ends by the end of today for me which will be in about 13 hours.
  12. last one. auction ends tomorrow
  13. got a pristine helm for auction atm if youre interested in that + random assorted cosmetic events
  14. spearmint: 30 cv gaias: 35 cv marid: 20 cv queen georgia: 10 cv not interested in roost or beans
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