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  1. wheres the 30 on all stats? lol none of them have 30 except the base damage or is this another one?
  2. Kiss, if you're still interested in the pair of gloves, I would like to take a look at that 5pc of pristine chest armour. I don't need any more dps except pristine boots
  3. It depends on your interned connection if you play online, you should have it as high as it will go without going over your head when your taping the fire button, i have mine as close to 60 as it will go
  4. What do you want for 156 oculus for 78, and/or the 150 shaitan for 78???
  5. iv got 3 in my lobby right now if you can invite not sure what time is good for you Not you and your friends, 3 active people from the forums that have said they are interested on this thread
  6. what do you want for 156 oculus for lvl 78?? i got a dirty shai hulud with 9000+ damage and 25 to hero damage for lvl 78.. My psn name is CJwendling66 msg me before you send me a friend request I only need the items i've asked for in the original post
  7. My favorite event has been portal defense, my favorite event items have been the staff of the dragonborn & the dovahkiin.
  8. it's people using sub accounts, If you use your original account and try and get extra items with a sub account, both get banned and you end up with no items instead of the 2 you were expecting.
  9. has anyone got anything high of it? i've only played it a couple of times it'd be cool if it gave 200^ vanilla weapons
  10. try and arrange a time with the other guys that are interested,
  11. Just finished boss rush insane plus for the first time and it gives you 2 pieces of armor lol
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