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  1. This happens to me 50% of the time when trying to select a mission. I can move my mouse but i can click anything or get out of the menu. The only way to get out is to join from someones invite on steam or to close the game down... any fix?
  2. If you watch your youtube videos you can see that when you go on your dps you go hardcore. You kill every ogre etc... Having higher gear makes it easier to get lazy xD
  3. lol sorry for the white, but thanks for telling me xD
  4. I've heard some people say that the only stat that effects buff beams is tower dmg so the only two stats that matter are tower dmg and tower hp. although others say that rate effects rate etc.. anyone tell me which it is?
  5. idk if we could get enough signatures but if we made a petition with 1-2k ppl who sign it or whatever. We might be able to get another patch within the next 6-8 months ;) it is possible to do this and if we prove that enough ppl would buy it to make there time worth it than maybe, I just want ur guys opinions before I start anything. like one con is that it might be hard to get that amount of signatures but there are a lot of people who play this game, just getting them on there computer might be a hassel. a pro is we could get another patch with a few fixes and new content XD
  6. Well is there any way to do it? I looked around for a while and didn't see a program that could. I do have 4 ps3 controllers but i didn't find a way for ps3 controllers to be recognized as 360 controllers on mac either. any ideas?
  7. well i sometimes feel like i click the wrong lobby by accident and end into the one i didn't want, but i only have insane difficulty checked off and joined a lobby for hard glitter helms, i was joining misty mire... anyone else get this or am i unique? also, when i play morrago insane+ in lobbies other than mine, I always have the problem of enemies going invisible and my weapon going invisible (cant use it, cant repair)... anyone else get this or am i unique?
  8. I think I accidentally deleted you k9z so add me unless we're still friends. ; and oh I've been playing since like February of last year. u horrible person! it was just an accident.... oh u WILL pay.... not only am i going to kill you, i will find ur lifeless body in the morgue, take it into a far away place, torture u a bit by slowly sticking needles into and ripping off ur flesh. than i will strangle all ur relatives with ur very own hair and throw u all in a wooden box in the ocean, than some people will randomly find you and wonder what ever happend to you... Ill send u a request soon
  9. oh sorry, havnt watched that movie in a few years.
  10. anyone from beta? got that animus prototype?
  11. dam there are so many old players, i never seem to see you guys lol...
  12. 1 in a million? So you're telling me there's a chance!? Yeeeaaahhh! nothing is impossible, except impossibility
  13. not cross-platform gameplay, the chances of that are 1 in a million lol. I was thinking more of the dlc content, a proper upgrade of the game would be possible with the better hardware of the ps4, etc. I think that this idea gives a little more hope that dungeon defenders will be changed for the better xD
  14. lol, if i deleted my squire, I would be soooo pissed. Me and him have so many memories. Farming ramparts on hard for hours on hours, days on days... Thats how i got everything to 70...
  15. My first to 70 was my huntress then to 74 was her again then my first to 78 was my app and he also was my first to 83. u gotta stay constant man, its the way to go
  16. Well I always felt like I played less than I really did. I looked at the numbers and found that I've been playing for around 11 months! It's not a lot compared to some of you guys but it's up there xD I know that almost all my friends from those days have quit so im curious to how long you guys have been playing for?
  17. I find that people level 70-81 are scared of getting kicked because they don't have what a lot of level 83-90s have. They will listen and not be lazy (im not saying all of them arnt, cause ive ran into a lot of lazy low levels and ones that just don't want to listen). I've come across a lot of lazy 90s (again not saying all 90s are lazy cause i've run into quite a bit that arnt). When you sart joining ppl level 90 they seem to not be lazy so thats how i roll now. plus you don't get your tavern duped in the middle of it xD
  18. First the "Dear Omm," thread and now this one? You two (Invisible and Scoot) should start your own thread where you argue with each other, while staying within the forum rules, because it's entertaining and fun to read (as I'm sure many others agree). :) But man, everyone with having a huntress or apprentice as their first Lvl 90. Am I the only one that loved the squire enough to have their first Lvl 90 a tower squire? lol LOL, my first char to 70 - squire, first char to 74 - squire, first char to 78 - squire, first char to 83 - squire... first char to 90 - squire (hopefully, 2.5 more le
  19. lol, forgot about this post, really like the support on this idea! I think that dd2 or dd1.5 (pc like version on ps4) have a chance of happening, i'm not sure about the percentage but lets keep our fingers crossed?
  20. Well I find any future for this game to be slim although this is what I think. Trendy has the excuse that the hardware of this system generation being to crappy to be able to do anything. What if the dungeon defenders was more like the pc version for the next gen consoles? just a thought, put ur opinion down below...
  21. and i trusted him to fly me out of sky city!
  22. he ripped me off when I was a noob! he stole 15 mill mana from me by giving a 4/1 guardian. Warn all of your friends!
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