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  1. I'm unsure if the ability to drop pets will be put into the game, but as of right now you can't drop pets to friends. When people say better loot happens in multiplayer they mean the following: More players per game means more mobs. More mobs means more chance to drop legendary loot More legendary loot means better loot drop chances than solo. Maybe when trading happens, pets will be able to be passed onto you from your friends.
  2. The best workaround I can think of is to first ensure you're both on the same region from the home screen. Then you'll have to both join the town, I personally see the same players at the town day after day so it shouldn't be hard to meet up there but keep joining town till you find eachother and party up to find a match. I'm not sure about in game friends because I play alone and have no friends. But I think this should work until your friend decides to spend at least $5 on something.
  3. Sorry it's not so immediate, but you should be able to evolve if you take the materials needed to evolve the pet and move it to a different slot location in your bag. This bug has plagued the game for a while now.
  4. So the most common and basic set up that will work for most towers is: {Destruction, Deadly Strikes, Def. Rate}. As for the best way to farm these well there's really only two conditions in my opinion. Condition 1: You already farm C7 -If you are farming in C7 then yes you really should be farming shards you need, if this is you then make sure you shoot for those win streaks at 3+ wins in a row in any given chaos level to get 2 shards from that C(x) level. The reason I say you farm C7 is because farming for shards is really much easier with C7 gear (or any higher tier gear than your cur
  5. So I have just tested the following scenario: I have a boost aura with the mods: {Melee-Boom, Anti-melee, Def rate} I placed these down in each lane, within these auras I placed multiple hornets with no relic on. The results were hornets that do not make enemies go boom. So no mods do not transfer from boost aura to a boosted tower. That being said I do not use boost auras very often and I'm not sure the best way to build them.
  6. Okay so I've been listening to you and now I'm starting to jump into onslaught and there's a few mechanics I don't quite understand. The first being frost enemies, these guys have been over running at first but I have been countering them with flame ramsters (working really well). However I have problems with control burn frost lanes as these lanes take up so much DU, I use 2 ramsters for the frost and currently EV2 WM with stun mod and tenacity mod (both max green). What are good ways to handle control burn lanes on their own, as well as frost enemies with control burn? -PDTs seem to be g
  7. I'd like to jump into this by starting off with advise to listen to jaws. This man has made me go from zero to hero in about a week (though I learned the game very quickly thanks to thousands of original DD hours). None the less I agree with what he's said about PDT specifically. The cool thing about mods is the fact that it allows us players to truly customize builds the way we want. One tower I personally made was Anti-flyer lightning strikes. I've always loved this tower and being able to spend only 20-40 du to deal with flyers is great. By utilizing these mods:{def rate, def range, anti
  8. If you actively play abysslord during combat phases then it will drop tomes more frequently from my experience. But at minimum he will need to be in your deck. This is the same for all heros.
  9. If by mods you mean ampoules then here's a recent discussion: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/156761/c8-ampoule-drop-rate (Sorry can't link on phone)
  10. Hello defenders, I want to start this post off by first asking if this exists: Does a single target tower with an anti-melee mod prioritize hitting a melee mob over ranged if both are within range? Imagine the following example, you have a Lightning Strike aura with the mods: chaos servo, anti-melee, anti-orc. If you're unable to tell this could be an LSA specialized to track and kill lady orcs. However if there are multiple mobs within range of this LSA, does this LSA have the power to first check the state of enemies within it's range, determine that there is a {choas && melee
  11. This is a known bug, you should be able to fix it by un-equiping your pet and moving it into a different inventory spot. If you have auto sort on then toggling it off and on should do the trick!
  12. I'm in your boat as well. I recently hit c7 and still can't use ancient power. Basically you trade off your gear, Ascension points and shards for permanent returns, better Ascension trees, and a minimum Ascension level(we're talking being able to earn like double exp and gold the more you reset). You should not worry about this yet. It becomes available at a minimum of 250 Ascension points and onslaught floor 60 I think? But your returned Ascension points would be maybe 20 or 60... I'm not even sure just not worth it. Anyways if you're familiar with juicebags he has a whole video about when to
  13. I'm no trendy support team and my best advice would be to reinstall the game... But if you've done that on a while machine then I have a from that won't work, worth a try. To address this micro lag problem it's probably a graphics card issue but could be network sided. try to track your computer disc useage ,memory, and network to see if any of those are out of line. Ensure you have your graphics drivers updated and other software in your machine. But this could be a known issue on trendys side..sorry not sure but giving my best advice
  14. The log gives some good information here. It's initializing a connection it seems. But there is certainly an error thrown in some method of the file "versions.blob" as shown here: "B:\steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\Versions.blob' error ()" Now I don't develop for trendy so I don't know what's in this file causing the errors and I know you're on the help forums so maybe overseer [[166314,users]] will see this and can shine some light on it.
  15. To add onto this I will explain some simple counters and mechanics of how these guys work for you: C1: Vanguards- -carry shields to guard their front -usual counter is Flame Aura -Place towers like Poison Dart or Cannon Ball strategically shooting behind these mobs. C2: Cyborks- -Disable auras, nodes, nests, etc. -usual counter is Poison Dart or Cannon Ball C3: Geodes- -Big purple bubbles that deflect projectiles -usual counter is Flame Aura but other non-projectile towers work too (Ramsters) C4: Berserker Orcs- -These ladies will force you to build walls
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