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  1. I'm looking for nightmare 4 players i have a squire of 239k walls base 3500 defence power on monk/huntress/apprentice ipwr on heroes squire 627 monk 642 apprentice 666 huntress 685 add me on steam
  2. Well after playing for 50+ hours this week, i started up a few public nightmare 4 games, and it was horrendous. My whole 4 character consist of a consistent 3400 defense power huntress/monk/apprentice and a squire with decent walls of 239k, but when I actually build a set up that can potentially beat nightmare 4, but the other random pub player usually comes in with a crappy dps of 20-30k and usually never repair. So I figured i make a thread to pool in some good builders to help each other out a bit. i'm mainly looking for some help in nightmare 4 levels. ipwr of my heroes are 610 squire 643 monk 659 apprentice 683 huntress i'm strong enough to solo nightmare 3 but looking for players that can help me build in nightmare 4 steam name is getamped98 with a fire emblem tag in front of it:P anyways do you guys have any trouble with other players too? Anyways this is my first thread that i made on Dungeon Defenders 2. I was a veteran of dungeon defenders 1 back when it first released the Team Fortress 2 pets, and I been a fan ever since. If you can help me, I be grateful for your help. Do anyone know when will they finally get rid of the god awful hero's deck? I mainly ask due to how it limit me to like 4 builders and no room for dps unless i waste money.
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