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  1. I don't like the keys if the chests are instanced, I just don't see the point. However, they do have potential as someone else mentioned maybe items or a pet increases a drop rate of keys but I think you should be able to have more than 2 keys through some mechanic. I don't think "buying" a key slot is a good idea, it seems more pay to win unless you can purchase it with in game currency also, maybe let an item or pet let you hold more keys, or something along those lines but then make it have a penalty for having more keys to balance it like have it be a pet that doesn't attack or has a lower
  2. actually ive thought about this suggestion, and not every 5 waves, but at the very end. or something big to make the final wave have that feeling of "the end is in sight, but can you overcome THIS?!" like a lot of ogres maybe.
  3. i believe Trendy said each creep would have no more than 2 variants, and the Kobolds (the goblins with explosives, as you called them) already have 2 variants. not a bad idea, but i certainly wouldnt want to deal with that. on higher difficulties in survival, just one of those things would mean instant game over.
  4. thats one reason i like to play local co-op. so i can pause it if i need to. though, if anyone can pause or unpause, you need a way to stop people from spam pausing. let the host kick em, or make it a vote to kick, or just set a restriction on how many times each player can pause or unpause. somebody might have an actual emergency and pause it, while someone else might be in a hurry, and not want to pause it. who decides whether it gets paused or continues? one of them will be forced to leave the session or go afk. some people might get into a group when they know theyll be having dinn
  5. my only complaint with skill trees is that theres always worthless things in them. if Trendy could make a skill tree that makes good use of every single point in it, even if point X is only useful for challenge X, and point Y is better for the rest of the game, id enjoy it. but that probably wont happen.
  6. id like for them to be removed completely. say you find a weapon with negative tower stats, but all positive hero stats. well, obviously, you give that weapon to a character that wont be building things, but will be fighting the ogres and bosses. no drawbacks. why have negatives at all in that case? to make negatives worth keeping, they would need to show up on a weapon with high damage, positive hero damage, and negative hero health and defense. it makes you do ridiculous damage, but if you take just a bit, youre going to die. the negative stats need to be the opposite of the positiv
  7. and feedback is a great thing, but what youre missing is that a lot of your feedback has been said by others multiple times already. we dont need parrots repeating each other every week about how to make DD2 better, when theyre saying the exact same things. let it be said once, and move on, the topics dont get deleted as far as i know, so itll still be here next week. it doesnt need brought up again. and as eagle said, just wait and see, and hope its what you want.
  8. His. And I think you didn't get my point. These "enhanced towers" would create some metagame that could break the fun of this game. If anyone is running "slowing harpoon" or whatever is OP, (cause it's too efficiency) I definitely won't enjoy this game. If you give the possibility to "damage - crowd control - apply-on-it - air - etc..." each tower, then you don't need 5 tower per character. In my opinion : Coop, creativity, balanced are the key words. weve all been suggesting things to balance these special effects. lowering stats to provide an effect would probably be the best. and e
  9. a while ago they had mentioned a town hub type of thing, where 24 players could meet and group up. all kinds of shops would be scattered around, and the stages would be grouped up and you could access certain stages at certain points in town. though this couldve been for the MOBA only, im not sure. and theyve said they will try to reuse as many things as possible from the MOBA in this DD2. they might just keep that townhub, if they had it to begin with. who knows?
  10. well, now im kinda confused. if you admittedly didnt like DD1 because of all these huge problems it had.... why are you back here? when i dont like something, i move on. i dont even bother with the sequel. movies, and tv shows, and books are the same way. you watch the first episode of a tv show, you dont like it, do you give the next season a chance? probably not. why for games, then? seems a lot of people do this too, and it baffles me. but thats off topic. back on topic, now, you must realize this game will be free to play. that alone will bring in thousands of people that didnt
  11. i think they will be changing how much mana enemies drop, because theres been a lot of topics saying "theres not enough green mana, theres too much blue mana." and its still pre-alpha.
  12. i think this is a great idea, what kind of tower gear would you add to a tower that already has an elemental attribute? obviously you wouldnt be able to add ice to a fire tower, so what would your idea be for that situation? adding an element to an elemental tower could do many things. nullify the element (put ice on fire tower, now its non-elemental, doing normal damage to all enemies), strengthen the element (put fire on fire tower, now it does 4x damage to ice enemies, instead of 2x), or make dual elemental towers (lightning on fire tower makes it do 1.5x damage to ice and water enemies
  13. 1. im not sure what theyre doing here, it may be super long and grindy, it may not be. really, though, its player choice. if its super grindy, people who like that will play, people who dont, wont. its basically a genre just like JRPGs and FPS. 2. theyre doing things like this. explore the forums a bit!! so many people make posts without looking around at old news, and suggest something thats already in the works! each enemy is going to have at least one subtype, so far the only types the public knows is that some orcs may have armor, making them slower but sturdier than the rest, an
  14. i like the ghost ogre idea, but i think it would kill towers too quickly at early waves. the %hp per minute is also nice, but there would a time where all towers lose 100% hp per min, meaning game over. no way to stop it, or even slow it down. a ghost kobold wouldnt be bad, as it would run from one spawn point, to any random tower group, and hurt them all. if one ghost kobold spawned from every door, every wave, this could be good. it wounds all towers out there immediately, and youre put in a bad place right off the bat, needing to run around to every group, and heal them all, or youll
  15. Than maybe add debuff to them as well (it slows enemies at the costs of some percentage of damage)and I think a different item is used to get the effect(including the effects on weapons). great idea, because it provides want many people want (buffs to towers that can be varied from player to player), and balances it so that no single tower can be unstoppably broken. id love to see tower gear provide things like AttackSpeed UP+range DOWN, Damage UP+AttackSpeed DOWN, or slow+allstats DOWN.
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