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  1. Woops lol kind of made the topic quickly
  2. Fine Il just delete the topic it was trying to help see the character portraits better
  3. I manged to get this out of the image Trendy put on twitter http://imgur.com/EujISNr If you could do better any help would be good
  4. Well done Trendy you win again as soon as I saw DD2 announced it got me excited lol Keep up the good work and also if you guys bring the dlc characters back like the ones from DD1 will we have to pay for them again :/ Anyway I am back to being active on the forums PS I better get in the beta lol
  5. Daniel you remind me a bit of Will from The Inbetweeners (UK)
  6. Shhh lol :D Yeah as long as the rewards are worth it
  7. It shall be interesting
  8. Something I whipped up in Microsoft PAINT! :p Lemme know if you wanna see it in any other colour combo etc, very easy to change. MS Paint WTF lol Nice Work Classic
  9. I threw this together pretty quickly http://imgur.com/ZKUa95L
  10. Fill entire Ult defender item box with them O.o thats how many it is. You need to fill all your item box, shop and floor with them lol XD
  11. Challenge accepted. Btw; i hope the remodel goes quickly for you. Unless your boss.........
  12. Funny thing is I helped you. And I've solved more puzzles than you. Probably Funny thing is your avatar is freaking a [[3740,hashtags]] FRODO
  13. Yes. That will never change. I want to be Batman though. Because I'm obviously the smarter one :D Funny thing is I solved it :P
  14. You shall still be my crime solving partner though
  15. Damn something came up on Saturday so i missed the event :(
  16. yata39 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055627871/ Saturday A
  17. The one about the myth armor is SO TRUE. You have no idea how many people bug me on a daily basis for either free gear, leveling or some other crap. I had a guy message me for 20 minutes the other day wanting me to run him through the campaign so he could get the ranger skin and mk2. I was playing borderlands at the time, and was like "Bud, why would I quit playing the game I am playing to come run you through all the maps?" You helped me level a cpl characters once.... Can anyone say block? +1 happens to me aswell :P God Damn it people let me play my BLOPS2 or Far Cry 3
  18. On nm? Djinn desummon everything Djinn are on any diffculty on TD
  19. You could handle insane tavern
  20. SID yata39 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055627871/ Merry Christmas
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