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  1. IMHO. I was with you until you wrote this. Everything else was typed out and well spoken, but you were too lazy to type out "in my honest opinion"..... You lost support at that moment.
  2. Two different hosts, same problem. We got to the last wave had around 20-30 mobs left, and the hosts game crashed. What the heck. Also this map seems a bit laggy.
  3. I had the same issue, but the weird thing is I only have this issue from THAT author, I forgot the guys name that uploaded the map but I can't download anything from him. I've had 4 or 5 other custom maps on open without a problem, just like 2 or 3 weeks ago I downloaded daniels old one practice, no issues. Just this author I suggest using a different author.
  4. You should start with the computer being the issue first. Check to make sure he didn't click "offline" on steam. If steam isn't connected trendy will refuse to connect. Check the make sure the firewall or anti-virus isn't blocking it, make sure windows firewall (you shouldn't even have that enabled period) isn't blocking it. Stuff like that. If none of that fixes it, make sure you google the problem and check all the FAQs, and give a quick search through the forums as well. Very rarely does someone have a problem that no one else has ever had.
  5. Game refuses to give me gunslinger achievement when I am on my Jester. Works for monk, ev, squire, summoner, huntress. I played a game without building, without moving any buildings AND without upgrading. I didn't touch a single defense. Technically didn't even stand on one or brush by one. Stood at a spawn point and raped everything that stepped out of it for 5 waves. <<< No gunslinger award. I assume it's just a bug for the jester, but you should really fix it. Though I only have 2 more maps to get, it's still an annoyance when your main dps character is jester, lot of people gonna have this issue in the future, if it's not just me.
  6. I can still host games, but I have a RIDICULOUS time trying to get into friends games, or even random pugs. I get the time out crap too, about 5 times then I restart the game try and join another random pug and usually the first one will work then any others after that I have to restart the game again. Getting really FRICKEN annoying.
  7. my polearm is at.... uhh like 130k or 140k i don't remember. and i still do **** damage compared to my jester. with less hp.
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