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  1. Time to let go of this crappy game. Im donating everything in my tavern and make sure I dont come back Find on deeper well insane+
  2. Got 69^ pristine helm with 12 hero damage with out upgrading
  3. We still waiting for release date from microsoft.... In the mean while ps3 head to unfair event HERE and collect another pet made by trendy and trying to think its super items to trade and get lotta items for it.
  4. Nothing new just release date will be end of the month and lots people say they not going to buy dl and still do :)
  5. 195^ oculus I usually put 3000+ speed and 63 charge speed I was thinking if i put 73 charge and 10000 speed would be better sacrify the dmg a little?
  6. Well with 4 i need GF to help with djinn during last wave but she dont like to play this game lol
  7. Congrats I usually do the same Cant figure to do 3 AFK yet. I need better TV lol
  8. Isnt it supposed to be free and fair? Classic your inbox is full.
  9. Well let see if trendy got what it take to keep the fan with next patch. All my friend list now quiting playing DD including myself until patch is coming out. After all doesnt look like we going to get anymore update after this patch.
  10. Im sick of exping trading so just gonna wait till patch come out
  11. U must be really bored .... I never look at crystal Reflection
  12. Whatever come out is just gonna be potential collector items
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