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  1. Although tavern duping in the US version has ruined the game, it has actually helped out the EU community alot. I met these two guys on EU today that also had the US version. I knew they did because they were both level 90 and they told me how they managed to switch versions between EU and US. The best part is they had soooo much duped stuff from the US version, but on EU none of that stuff is duped. So they just came over to the EU version and were giving weapons/armors/pets to people for trades that were terrible for them. I got some stuff off them and even though what they gave me was duped
  2. I've seen a 89^ piece before. Never seen any higher.
  3. Farming armor is definitely the hardest thing in the game for sure. Even on EU, 200^ weapons are more common than armor with 80^
  4. Im guessing on the US version there is a separate leaderboard for Insane+ but since EU doesnt have insane + and the leaderboards are shared the EU version merges insane/+ scores into one leaderboard.
  5. huh what's wrong with the magic blockades? They look normal on my monitor lol.
  6. Here's my really simple marrago build: http://www.ddplanner.com/?l=17421,super-easy-marrago-build Put an ensnare, electric and strength drain aura at every trap choke point. All you do is run around and kill djinns and ogres.
  7. I'm sure the connection can't be that bad since I've played lots of games from people all over the US on bf3 and the connection is fine but maybe because that's bf3. Also, I don't get why it would be hard to host these events,the game is still the same just a slight difference with the fact that they use different servers. Tbh, I think it's just the bad support that EU defenders get. Had a thought about getting the US version but I realised, there's no point paying for the same game + 4dlcs to get a version that is broken. I've never had any trouble when trading with random people on EU and
  8. Yh that's what I was thinking. So am I right in saying that if Laura gets the EU version she could host xp events for EU? So us some love since we will never get the last patch + DLC.
  9. 100% sure I won't be able to be invited, you must have the US version of the game. Go on the account that you bought Dungeon Defenders on and check the psn store and you should be on the US PSN store (i think). *Actually, maybe you're right. Even though it shows no one in the US when I search for games, maybe if someone invites me to a game from the US version I could connect. Idk, it most likely won't happen.
  10. Yh i figured lol. But that still doesn't the orginal arguement. If Laura gets the EU version she could host the events for EU players right?
  11. i know ppl that live in EU that play on the US part of the game, and i know classic who lives in australia has a US DD account as well, so i know ppl can go from other countries/continents to US but am not sure if it works the other way around Yh I thought that people who bought the US version of the game can play with people in the US no matter where they were. I made a US PSN and went on DD and when I looked for online games it was the same people from EU hosting so I don't get it.
  12. I'm not sure but I don't think that's correct. The EU version didn't get the patch and the Shards IV DLC isn't on PSN store for EU customers, I'm probably wrong though. Also, I thought some people on the US version were able to connect to EU version as I remember someone saying they had gotten event pets on the EU version.
  13. Can't the just buy the EU version of the game and host the games from america? Sure it will cost them 5 but the money's going back into the company right? so they're just paying themselves.
  14. I don't understand why they won't host EU events with xp rewards so, how come PSN EU don't get events?
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