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  1. SID:nup95 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051043638 Day: saturday!
  2. SID:nup95 Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051043638 Day:Sunday
  3. Well I am new aswell so I have no idea whats what ive had it for like 2weeks
  4. Yes but it was fully upgraded with like 315 upgrades I can't remember much cos I can't get on but it says if its like 600-800 its a week ban so thats why im confused
  5. I know I have posted before but I haven't gone into depth so I want to this time because I am pretty worried and I really want to be unbanned as I love Dungeon Defenders. Right so previously I have been trying to e-mail "feedback@trendynet.com" I recently found out I was spelling it wrong and it was in fact "feedback@trendyent.com" but I have e-mailed them and have had no reply so I don't know whats happening. Why am I banned? Okay so I think I am Banned Because because I picked up a modded weapon but it was not clearly an obvious modded weapon it had quite alot of damage and all of t
  6. Hi A week ago I logged on to find out that I was banned me and my friend instantly thought it was the modded weapon i recently bought. It has now been a week since I was banned and I am not unbanned (I read a first ban will be a warning ban of 1 week banned) also when I try to email: [email]Feedback@trendynet.com[/email] it gives me a message everyday that it is failing to reach you and eventually says "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: [email]feedback@trendynet.com[/email] Technical details of permanent failure" I need help because this is one of my favour
  7. nup95


    I have messaged that thread on my gmail account and it says that it cannot send so what should i do?
  8. nup95


    I forgot to mention My Steam Account Name is also nup95
  9. nup95


    Hi, I logged on Last Wednesday to find out I was banned not completely sure why. I had an idea though. Recently I was given a weapon by a friend and it was hacked but at the time we did not know he claims to have bought the weapon from someone by the name of: Cole. Please tell me if this is the reason because I have not done anything else against the rules to be banned because I love this game. Thank You :) :demon:
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