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  1. Man schreibt im englischen nicht "I have the nose full", das versteht keiner, au├čer deutsche ;-) Wende dich einfach an den Support
  2. these are spam bots a good captcha would help here ;-)
  3. Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can. ^^
  4. Earth toss is one of the best shards atm! I don't want to play without it ;-)
  5. ...and what is with flys, stun immun, shield goblin boss.... I am at onslaught 153 atm and yes its easy, but you don't need WaMa to hold a lane ;-) Yes WaMa is strong, maybe to strong, but it is not everything. All my WaMa mods are only t3. A good blockade + good dps tower is more worth than t5 WaMa mods ;-) And a gilded defense rate shard on your dps tower is amazing to.
  6. For me no. Gems are payable and this is no reward for me. But i would play till 200 if i get a extreme nice cosmetic.
  7. my only reason still playing is to get the onslaught 114 cosmetics. iam at 100 now. than bye till next 2-3 updates ^^ Main reasons: 1. no more good rewards 2. all my bags are full and the item management costs me to much real life time thats no fun i want to play a rewarding towerdefense game not a boring item manager ;-(
  8. also in newest update news -> no solution of the shard problem we all have its really frustrading! it seems they dont want to fix that :-(
  9. Problems: 1. I don't see wich shard is able to gilded, i have to level, klick and wait all my shards to maybe find one who is possible to gild 2. i don't want so sell/destroy shards, because i want to gild shards for different builds and its hard to decide wich one is good or can be good 3. i have 8 bags and 5 bank slots but this is not enough. all my bags are full and i am unable to play 4. its much boring and no fun time wasting to sort and find the right shard in all my bags so my only conclusion is to stop playing till this is fixed can someone tell me when those fix is comming. All pla
  10. 1. with high priority -> make shards stackable or do a process bar for gilding shards (our bags are full!) 2. make a repeat map button, the "continue" and "next map" buttons are the same and confusing 3. fix the stucking mobs all over the maps, e.g. flyers, zappers in unholy catacombs every round -> no fun atm 4. fix the orc ladys skipping blockades -> no fun atm i play games to have fun, so please fix/change this ...thx :-)
  11. +1 Let us read shards<10 in to make a gilded shard, its really no fun and bag waste to wait till i have 10 shards. Please make a counter on the gilded shard -> e.g. 3/10!
  12. onslaught = trails * 3 -> no FUN!!! what a big disappointment
  13. To clear 3 maps in onslaught with no break is the most stupid decision in dd2 after years! If you have dc, or phone calls or if you have kids or have to go lunch or any other rl activity -> you loose all progress that is no onslaught it is trails * 3 -.- and no fun!!!
  14. monk all the way stun stun stun and roller instant kill also in party c7
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