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  1. Cool, maybe I'll actually try and make this one! Been a while.
  2. Simian

    WTA: stuff

    I think it's only appropriate that I bid on the Ult Monkey. It'll be hard to top this one. The one-of-a-kind staff fabricated exactly how Articuno would want it. Part of my collection. Also this super rare Weighted Companion Cube. Blacked out some stats for obvious reasons, don't want any hackers on this beauty. LMK your thoughts Arti.
  3. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    Possible Didnt know you were an IC'er? You haven't been around long enough then to know of simian. He hasn't been around for a while. I thought he was dead. :) Oh right ^^ well, i have had the game for a few years, just really started giving a **** at christmas.. i have been on forums for maybe 2 or 3 months. so yea :p Yeah I died for about a year or so. Freak storm zapped me grave and I popped back up so here I am
  4. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    item check thanks! Hacked
  5. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    The glad is ult+. Thank you for the quick response! Glad looks possible then.
  6. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    So, I was shopping for some items and this guy just unlocked the floor shop and said "I'll be leaving, just take it all before I do". So I'm not sure if it's legit or not and I'm really paranoid. Here it is: Thanks for all of your work guys =)! I also bought some capped at +600 kobolds and skeletons on a treadmill for a coal each and one for 4 coal. Here they are, I got some of them free too: Do note that these pets I upgraded myself by playing around with them, I think most of them were level 1 and they were capped already, I mostly added hero stats. (Sorry if I seem
  7. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    Is this ok? Or i just lost a good ulti+ helmet:D. Ty. Event item. Stats-wise it looks fine but you never know if it's legit without a trace.
  8. Simian

    Item Check Thread

    IC, please. Two of these have been checked before, but plan on auction them off in the same thread so would like a single link to an IC for all 3. Thanks in advance :) All look possible
  9. Pretty sure you just freeze water The solid is denser than the liquid!
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