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  1. I'm not sure what you owuld mean with token system, can think of multiple things there. About a guild system, the game doesn't need it. A guild system works great to get an in game chat or a marker that you belong to a certain guild. However, steam can already do the chat (just make a group) and since there is no open world in this game I doubt the guild tags will do much. Though you can always add it to your name if you like (does show up in other games too but that's the choice you make there) Plus that a guild system can be very hard to implement later on if it never was a part of the design plan for the game.
  2. You have to start at wave 13 or before to get the reward for wave 15. All rewards can be found on the page of the specific map on the dungeon defenders wiki. By reaching wave 15 you get a pet (depends on the map which pet you will get) Upon completing the last wave you get another pet (most maps give a Giraffe on a Threadmill here, but some exceptions like tavern defence give other pets)
  3. Thanks a lot for the replies guys, much appreciated :) why don't you just price them yourself? how much do YOU want for them? how much would YOU want to pay for something similar? Because I haven't been playing for a while so I'm a pretty new player again. I have no idea of the value of myths or how easy it is to farm mana with a proper set of gear. The myths I'm selling right now probably fall under the complete fail category but meh
  4. Hey everyone, What is the usual method of pricing mythical items? I have some that I won't use and I would like to sell them. I would just like a general guide that I can apply to my items so I can also price newer myths I find instead of having to ask every single time I found some. I didn't think the trading section would be appropriate for this question do that's why I put it here. Also, this is for the PC version of the game. Thanks in advance :)
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