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  1. Trendy devs please fix your game, there are a lot of us who'd like to play but can't.
  2. So yeah, some help would be grrreeaat. Seriously, do you guys even check this section or are you expecting players to handle it all?
  3. Come on Trendy, I'm part of your Council, please pay more attention to this problem, it's obviously not affecting just myself.
  4. The next day, another weekday mind you, and still no help? Why did I buy this game?
  5. Still no help, 9 hours later, and on a weekday mind you. Come on devs, do you even check this section?
  6. Seriously, no help in 3 hours? So... what's the point of being in the Council exactly? Starting to feel like I wasted money.
  7. Used to be able to play the game just fine, have tried every "fix" that people have posted online about this issue over the last 9 months, still no luck. Mine however doesn't go away like people say theirs do, mine just says searching for session indefinitely. Come on Trendy, this shouldn't be a hard fix, let alone a recurring issue for over half a year.
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