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  1. My group has some lockboxes, but because they are class specific we have a lot that aren't for the character we're using. Is there a way, for instance, I could send a Huntress lockbox to a friend?
  2. Northern tip #1: The best way to combat the cold is shorts and a sweatshirt.
  3. By that logic console players should eventually get all content that is already on PC except perhaps the Steam exclusive holiday stuff. As it has been stated before I'm pretty sure most console players don't actually want the Nightmare/Super Loot/ect stuff if we can get a revamp to the current items and Insane mode. I think it would be easier for Trendy if they did that instead. But as you said, if the versions aren't the same one side will complain. Unfortunately that is the console players getting the short end of the stick here. I was showing the 2 sides of the argument here, and stating why Trendy has done more for the PC versus the console version.
  4. My understanding of this topic is: The problem with offering more on the console patch/DLC is that it would be content that wasn't on the PC (or it would not be "more", correct?). Then you have the PC community of the game complaining about it. The problem with offering more on the PC patch/DLC is that it would be content that wasn't on the consoles (or it would not be "more", correct?). Then you have the console community of the game complaining about it. The difference is that it takes far less resources to get content in to the PC market versus the console market. Businesses thrive on using the least amount of resources to produce the largest amount (or high quality) product. In the end of the day it comes down to 2 things for TE: 1) money (they have to pay people) and 2) passion for making video games. Unfortunately, part 2 is dependent on part 1, so balancing resources and product quality/availability is necessary. That is why more content is released on the PC and the PC is more supported than the console versions. It costs TE less resources for what they get out of it.
  5. To revert back to the previous patch, 1) exit steam 2) open up steam through the normal link (not the -beta dundeftest one) 3) the last patch should automatically re-download
  6. Since when was this game declared to "largely comes off as a 'casual friendly' title"? Serious question, btw. I keep seeing this come up around forum posts, yet my understanding of the game since I started following it and this community (over a year now), has been that it will be difficult and good teamwork will be required to overcome certain "challenges". (<--- hence, it should be challenging). Jeremy, the lead guy at Trendy, even said he would give US$500 to the first person who could provide evidence of getting Legendary Defender, due to his belief that it is very very difficult to achieve. When trying to get all my friends into the game and looking at it over the past year now I always said, "hey look, this game is half tower defense, half action RPG. It's supposed to be very difficult to, which means it will probably last a long long while". This actually got people into the game. When they would go check it out, none of them would say, "no, you're wrong, this game is supposed to be casual-friendly and easy to beat". Are you assuming this because of the art-style and character age? Sure, most games that would have the DunDef art and kids as main characters could be assumed to cater to the casual crowd much more, but I don't see how it is evidence that the game does (or should). I actually couldn't stand the current trend of games that have more and more and more been "noob-friendly". 2 examples are Halo and Call of Duty. I loved Halo 2, it was competitive, yet also had a side you could sit back and enjoy without much thought. I spent 3 years playing it. I also loved Call of Duty 4. It was competitive, yet also had a side you could sit back and enjoy without much thought, I spent 2 years playing it. The games that came in the series after these turned completely into "sit back and enjoy without much thought". I didn't play them for very long. A game such as Dungeon Defenders was welcome, as it strays away from the current "noob-friendly" trend that games have taken over the past couple years. Now that I'm playing it, I can tell that it being difficult is dragging me into the game more and more. I'm not top-tier, I'm far from it. I don't have a chicken pet yet, I never got MVP in Uber Monster Fest yet, but I still keep coming back to the game because I KNOW there is something I can still achieve. Could I put the game down now and walk away? Sure, and I wouldn't feel as if I missed a large portion of it. Would I want to? No! There is still much better loot I could get. It's completely unnecessary to get, but I want to eventually get it just for the challenge. If it was given to me without a challenge, the reward of obtaining it would quickly diminish. TL;DR: A game runs dry when the player runs out of things to do. The beauty of Dungeon Defenders though, being a challenging game, is that there is always something better than the current gear you have. There is always something to do. unless, ofc, you grind it out to the point of having the absolute best loot, but those aren't the people talking about this subject
  7. Suggestion: Spider Webs are units. Details: 1) They can take damage just as any other unit would. 2) They have a scaling amount of HP based on wave/map just as any other unit would. 3) Same element as the spider that spawned it. 4) They would either effect the user for a certain period of time and then fade off, or fade off instantly if the web takes enough damage to "die". Support: 1a) It would increase teamwork by having other players help those out who are webbed. 2) It would eliminate the arbitrary-difficulty from the webs and make it controllable. 3) It would make balancing to be dependent on 2 variables: --------A) How much the web slows by. --------B) How much HP the webs have. Anyone else like this idea?
  8. The problem, to my understanding, was that nightmare difficulty was unlocked to EVERYONE. It was supposed to be unlocked to people who either A) bought the complete pack, or B) buy all 4 packs separately. There was a glitch that unlocked it for everyone, so they disabled it and now the permissions for it should be fixed.
  9. PLEASE stay ontopic, no flaming, baiting, trolling, etc. Infractions will be handed out where need-be.
  10. Remember, I don't represent TE, and have no official say or word on this: I'm guessing $10 for the bundle.
  11. Straight line damage is inconsequential. Picture a narrow corridor where mobs file down. A Huntress uses Piercing Shot; they all die before they reach the end. Have a melee Monk or Squire guard the end. Not a mob gets through either. This change to single target damage is most pronounced against bosses and ogres. Monster Fest iterations have tons of ogres. Every new campaign map ends in a boss. The game is moving away from narrow corridors to ogres and bosses. Who cares about straight line damage when none of the challenges are built around them? In UMF my friend who has a disc thrower out-DPSes me EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. My weapon does more damage and more DPS against the test dummy. My hero attack damage is higher. I don't see anything unjustified by a 10% nerf when the DPS is multiplied by however many ogres are in front of you while using the huntress.
  12. http://i.qkme.me/35htb2.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PLqAL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/YyNur.jpg http://i.qkme.me/35hmvb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/I6Xqd.jpg thanks reddit. steam: KanibalKittN
  13. I don't want to "bash" on you, you make it sound pretty good, but we were definitely ripped off. 4 Bucks for this? I mean I personally love it, but Super-loot would have been more worth it, maybe some new weapons too. But I do hope the other DLC, flows very quickly after this. Like every 2 weeks quickly. ...as well as some more details about the incoming console patch which is required for all of the current PC-exclusive features... Hope that cleared things up a bit.
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