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  1. Well im not interested in that chicken. Scratch me off then.
  2. Why is my bid suddenly on #4. I bid on a black chicken, #5 like you can see in my comment.
  3. You should try to avoid dealing with people outside of the forums or ddrng to avoid these things really.
  4. Im guessing the buyout is 15 actual cubes then?
  5. If buyout is 15cv, then ill buy it out. if its 15 actual cubes, then I bid 15 cv
  6. Auction has ended. Add me on steam to get your stuff. I'll allow a counter bid by moon, as I'm not fond of sniping auctions when someone has had the max bid for 5 days.
  7. 15, it says in his post he values diamonds at 5/10/15. which means 5 noncap, 10 single cap, 15 couble cap.
  8. Alright thats enough. Guess i'll go for the beard instead. 7CV
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