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  1. That's just not true at all. Plenty of games have fixed save game hacks in the past.
  2. It's not sony/microsofts role to fix the issue. It's their role to ban the people hacking. Which they aren't doing. Developers can still implement things to keep the hacks away.
  3. So a few months ago a friend suggested this game to me and I downloaded it, and really enjoyed the game. So I got a few of my friends to start playing with me, and we were having a great time. Until I started joining public games... In almost every match I join there would be someone with an outrageously over powered, renamed, over-sized weapon. Sometimes pets as well. This honestly ruined the game for me. I played for a little while after, and then I haven't played since. Will this ever be fixed? It really does ruin the game.
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