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    Item Check Thread

    Every lab pet such as tiger , dragon , gryphon + genies and fairys can go up to ult++ , i probablly missed a few but the others will fill the list up :) pets like cats and chicken cant go higher than trans
  2. I am at work now. Can I contact you tomorrow morning around 7h30 am cet time to do the trade? well im not sure i wil be online then , but for the rest of the day you can msg me on steam so we can make the trade
  3. Auction is over , please contact me on steam to get your rewards ( my profile is linked )
  4. I will try to lighten the atmosphere.... What does BME stand for? stands for Bad Meets Evil BME for short , that is what they call me in the group chat of DDRnG
  5. Keep in mind the auction ends in 2 hours and 20 min
  6. ive always hated that timezone thingy cuz im disorientaded and stuff and yes you are totally right to ask that and im too dumb to not write that in the OP. Im in EEST +3 / so it should be around 23 hours from this post
  7. yeah, I was drunk yesterday (ask mkjo, he can vouch for that), this bid is a tad high but im not, gonna withdraw this now. considering the current bid wars going on in the forums i wanna thank you for not withdrawing your bid veetoo :)
  8. 10 cubes for a single cap ? i got my double for 12 ^^ ( got lucky ) and ill stick with the current prices , also pls dont spam my auction , if you gonna bid .. bid :)
  9. Hello defenders , i decided that i need some coal or cubes to spawn myself a diamond so here is my auction. I accept coal and cubes 1:6 Im not gonna post the screens here , but only links as the screens are big and i dont want the post to get big. I also accept Diamonds at 4/8/15. 212 boost cat (asuming you put 3 points into # of heroes) http://i.imgur.com/rL61zdf.jpg C/O - 24 ( Jonez ) Second subject is this 202 kitty http://i.imgur.com/XnFA3FC.jpg?1 C/O- Another godly 200 kitty ( the stats is bad but hey someone may want it ^^ ) http://i.imgur.com/BpohzTO.jp
  10. psych1

    Item Check Thread

    I'm not an official IC'er, but its not possible. 369.6 (damage per upgrade) * 334 = 123,446.4 That means that the base damage would have to have been almost 22,000. Not possible. The guy who made it should have at least added a bit more to Hawk Stance, l2hack .....
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