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  1. we got a winner! (sounded weird). Yo Immortal I dc'd the other day, game keeps disconnecting me at last wave in that map (3 times now), don't know why, so sorry for other day.
  2. madafa... thank you for this, long long long time I have not done Morrago, I'ma do this on the weekend.
  3. If you can talk here then is not your router, I suggest: 1. open steam 2. click on library (where all your games are). 3. right click on dungeon defenders and select properties. 4. click on the tab named (Local files). 5. click on verify integrity of game cache. 6. sometimes it redownloads corrupt files, after its done, normaly quit steam and reopen it. 7. open steam again and try to open game. If all the above fails maybe you were banned, to check that use this link. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?5393-Ranked-Open-Banning-Authority-Update-3-6-12 Have a great day =)
  4. Can you make it easier to report in game, I see a lot of money stores (paypal) in game, now people even using skype to sell you stuff, and can't sent you a profile link to them because some have same name as 30 other players, example "whysoserious" try to find that guy on steam, there's so many with same name. Make something to report a player with out the need to leave the game, there are people right now selling stuff for dlc or other game content. Or at least add some moderators to in-game, so we can add them to friends list and every time we see a shop like this he can ban that player immediately.
  5. who answers this posts? or do we just post and hope to God someone will see them?
  6. I have a myth and it gives +168 attack per up, and yesterday I bought a Ultimate and it only gives +117 per up. Also what is the standard or what it's supposed to be giving per upgrade on attack? Is this going to be fix as they did on the Steam Saw's or should I call it a failed weapon and trash it (while raging at Trendy)?
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