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  1. Ill help you level and i have a few items i can give away :D PSN: brinton09
  2. Okay so ive took a long break off this game and want to get back into it, would anyone fancy doing glitters, morragos and the rest with me? PSN: brinton09
  3. Why do Robot's deal less damage then their actual base damage? Mine has 3600 base and hits for under 3k :S
  4. Why did Trendy even mention this patch? I wouldnt mind if they did later, But they informed us about it so long ago and we've been hoping each and every week for that patch to appear when we load DD up D:
  5. Why would you even want to do this challenge... its Pointless :/
  6. Undying Rod is used for DPS Apprentice because it has high hero damage and hp, Oculus is for Tower Apprentice because it has Tower Damage and atk rate, So if your DPS, Use a Rod.
  7. Hes only 75, Gonna do a hell of alot of Glitters soon though, And atm i use a 68^ Eart Shaper which i think gives 76 tower damage
  8. I Have all the DLC, Is it the Crysknife? Or one from a lower difficulty?
  9. What weapon should i try farm for a Tower Squire?
  10. i Have a lvel 78 req 84^ Soul Focuser atm... just over 5500 base damage, But i dont know wether to farm lava beetles... I dont see good levels on them, But they have better base damage than the Soul Focuser usually. Is it worth farming lava beetles?
  11. Trendy have not bothered to inform us when it comes out
  12. Soul Focuser, Especially my 84^ , You can shoot through walls and avoid ninjas and ogres snot balls and yearn more exp
  13. Just did Moraggo on hard with 3 characters, It froze before i even got to the cutscene :/
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