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  1. @Xengre Most of the time, I agree that you won't move archers, mages off the buff beam. But sometimes it just makes sense to micro them. By micro, I don't just mean to move them around, I also mean to order them to attack a particular enemy such as an ogre or a copter to kill them faster. When you give such an order, you don't really want them to go running into the mobbed area, you just want to target. But doing this will cause them to spread a bit and move off the buff beam. So it is just pointless to try to target with archers and mages. I think it would just be simpler if they just would n
  2. @Xengre You bring up a lot of interesting points. The "nice DPS" mage and archers have is due to them being placed on buff beams. I would like to have that requirement removed from the game hence why I am asking for a buff to damage and that minions do not get buffed by buff beams. Minions should NOT be required to stay at one spot. If the summoner chooses to do so, he can do it, but it should be a choice, not a requirement. I see the summoner as someone who CAN but is not required to move units in and out of battle (micro). Basicly the question is should minions be buffed by buff beams or not
  3. @kittikat You are kind of proving my point in saying that the best build is to have static mages and archers and not move around with them. I am playing my summoner pretty much that way too. I hover over a spawn to get mana, get full, upgrade on the map, do it again. What I would like to be able to do is move minions in fights when I feel like it, use warriors and spiders, etc.
  4. I did not complain about ogres and the heal the mage has. My complaints about minions is that the damage an archer and a mage do is weak unless they are on a buff beam. I don't like that idea because it forces your minions to become static when the thrill to play a summoner is moving units around. It is also hard to micro units in fights, and the orc and the ogre should block better by making their radius larger.
  5. Hi, After playing with the summoner class for the past few weeks, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Summoner and why I think it is a useful but weak class. I play the summoner mostly as a global presence to repair towers from anywhere and upgrade from anywhere. I don't control my minions at all because it is useless to do so, I will explain why later. I never tried a DPS build as I think it is not a viable option for the summoner, and I am fine with that. My summoner is currently 86 and I did a lot of progression with him. So now that is said, I will get to the review part. The
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