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  1. You do indeed get armor from that boss, pretty sure you're right it's pristine... but it's probably faster, easier, and better quality just doing summit/glitter/spook on hard or insane for chest drops. It is always pristine. It's also not terribly bad as far as its quality goes (i think lowest i've seen is legendary on hard). At the same time, though, it's pretty much better to just go grind glitterhelm until you get what you want. Plenty of legendary+ items drop there all the time.
  2. Boycott the Tavernkeep! He sells weapons to pantsless children! Boycott the Tavernkeep boycott, because he's too awesome to be boycotted!
  3. the set bonus is the same (20% to all stats and resists) regardless of armor type
  4. You do understand that Elves are fictional characters right? Uhm...yes? I'm not really sure what you're getting at here, chief? The thing about the elf argument I find invalid is that in every fantasy setting I know of with elves they tend to age exactly like humans do until the late teens, then they pretty much stop aging for the next 500+ years. It does make me wonder what the character designer was thinking, but I don't really care much. As far as I'm concerned she's just a child-like entity that takes up the bottom half of my screen while I play and annoyingly keeps aiming at walls I pa
  5. IIRC The devs have stated previously that the huntress is actually about 40 years old or so. She's an elf and ages differently than humans, as others have said
  6. Van wolfenstein nerf has not been reversed. Either your screenshot is old or the weapon is, in fact, sneakily hacked, because mine was around 2000 base damage before and is now around 1000. There's no way, even with a bit above 30 upgrades, you'd be able to pull off 2000 post nerf. the weapon in the screenshot has 1,200 damage, not 2,000
  7. Upwards of ~2K base damage is quite possible, depending on how many upgrade levels it has and what the base damage starts at. This weapon is either legit, or the most reasonable hacked weapon i've ever seen.
  8. I slightly disagree. My Squire is hero spec right now, and while I think I would prefer a weapon with base damage, I actually kinda like the insanely high elemental damage and letting my pet take care of the few mobs I can't. I have a few high fives, and maybe it's because I haven't found an awesome one yet, but I'd much rather use the Rapier. No reach on the high five either, which is lame. Yeah, but the attack speed of the high five is really helpful with DPS. Honestly, as far as which specific weapon is "better" is really more a matter of preference (for really any weapon). The main po
  9. Challenge rewards. That lists all of the reward items you can get from challenges. Now as far as the weapon to look for, i wouldnt bother with anything that has an attack of less than 100. I also wouldnt worry about anything with less than say 17 or so upgrades. Remember, all stats are random, so even these items will have random stats on them, so you'll have to farm until you get one you want. My recommendations are to search for a weapon that has upwards of 200-300 damage on it (elemental or base damage, whichever you're going for) and pour upgrades into it. Elemental damage rises much fas
  10. Is it safe to assume that it's similar for other stats as well? Or does each stat have a different curve? I'm pretty sure each stat has different curves for their diminishing returns, especially since a lot of the patch notes involving them changing the ramp for certain stats. Though, i'm pretty sure that its safe to say that any stat up to at least 100 should have a fairly noticeable change
  11. there's a chicken pet it doesn't look like you have. That'd be my guess. edit: im fairly sure its required and was hard to get. There's a topic somehwere edit 2 : Linky
  12. i did a little testing with speed a while back. I had about 100 or so in speed (after equips, obviously, 70 hero points) and reset myself and removed about 30 points from speed, bringing me down to right about 70, and there was a VERY noticeable drop in my speed. It may drop off hard at some point, but at least up to about 100 there was a pretty obvious increase. Though at some point, to me, it seems like increasing speed is almost a waste anyways when you could be increasing other stats.
  13. You're ability is better than "reload" of a huntress. Ours just reloads our weapon. Yeah, huntresses get shafted on their alt ability.
  14. what game are you playing? sounds bad. i'm so glad that there's no interruption of the apprentice's charging, nor his skill activation (except mana bomb, or maybe even that, i don't use it so whatever) Death interrupts everything, and with the apprentice's HP, death is pretty easy when enemies are right on top of your face. :P
  15. This ability is one of the things being buffed. [QUOTE] Increased speed of Apprentice Staff "knockback" animation by 40%[/QUOTE] Not buffing the knocback of the staff, but buffing the knocback animation of your rightclick. That is, it should go 40% faster now. That being said, i've found it useful in a few situations (knock enemies off bridges) but never outrageously so. Maybe this buff will make it better, though.
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