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  1. Honestly looking for any sign of the possible EU patch every showing it's face, to no avail. However i did stumble across this and wondered if there's any shred of truth or just a very bitter ex employee or something. Either way, i think it's safe to say my Dungeon Defenders will forever be incomplete :( http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/06/investigation-a-video-game-studio-from-hell/
  2. It's an incredible long shot i know, but is there any word at all to whether we EU players are still going to get the patch or can we safely say it's not coming now?
  3. This game has been pretty harsh on me with rewards, i'm hoping it's saving it for an epic chicken when i get the plat trophy.
  4. First and foremost, people are allowed to post negative reviews or thoughts about our game. We will not do anything to your account due to that. We WILL act when and if you are doing things like; being disrespectful to other players, a complete mean troll, using foul language, things of that nature. I understand you are frustrated and that you feel like we have let you down. Hitmonchan and I both felt awful when we heard the bad news and still do. We don't want to "leave a bad taste in people mouths" but sometimes bad things happen. I believe that the PSN EU Patch will go through. Navyj
  5. lol, these weekly threads are more interesting than the digest :p Well i do hate to disappoint, unlike a certain company i know of.
  6. As for hoping the next project crashed. Until i get what i payed for working i honestly don't care.
  7. Don't give them a reason to take action against your account bud. It does suck, wish I could help =( This is not a reason for them to take action. I've had numerous PS3 controllers break on me, i've told people how crap the controllers are. This is just a similar story with this company. If they take action against my account it merely proves they have no argument and want just me silenced.
  8. Lets face it, the digest just killled the eu game for the tine being, new projects ect ect This thread will not get anything thats asked for when we cant even get the patch that was made! Shame but its just life It's disgusting and they should be embarrassed. Word will be spread.
  9. You bring these posts on yourself Trendy. Too busy with your next project? This company is an absolute shambles. So it's not even up to SCEE anymore? You're telling me you havn't even fixed the patch and re-submitted it? I hope your next project crashes and burns because the way you've treated EU players is shocking. I will be informing anyone i know of your poor service like i would with any product i felt i was utterly let down by. Any haters go post elsewhere as i give just as many f%*ks as Trendy do about EU.
  10. I'm not sure why the forum team have flagged this with 4 stars when we all no they are going to do nothing.... Where is our patch for EU btw?
  11. Being from EU where events have never been held i find it hard to even comprehend your point.
  12. so has it not gone out for certification yet, or has it been sent to sony already and is waiting to be certified? I'm pretty sure that they announced that the patch had been re-submitted. They didn't exactly say it failed in those words but we knew it did.
  13. I'm pretty sure 3 months is the next milestone since US had it.
  14. Such an absolute P/ssTake! I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that because 'your leader' isn't there you have no way of contacting SCEE about the patch. The way you've kept us updated/in the dark (they are pretty much the same case here) is absolutely disgusting. I wouldn't expect this from the smallest of game developers...
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