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  1. There is an option for disabling monster spawn alerts already in game. I've never un-checked it so I don't know if its broken or not though.
  2. It's not "needed", it would be helpful when you're first breaking into doing nm survival and trying to get upgrades. I swear being webbed while trying to grab an upgrade during survival has cause me more deaths than anything else in the game.
  3. Pretty sure I've seen other posts on the same topic, that go on to say that it increases the effects of the ability.
  4. I immediately thought of the "joke" from Watchmen about the depressed clown, thusly I named mine "Poliachi"
  5. I was thinking about something that could be done about being webbed by spiders. I was thinking that each hero could have a way to break out of being webbed by spiders. Not sure how hard it would be to program, but the feature could be incorporated into hero abilities. For example: With the squire's blood rage (as long as its not on cooldown of course) Could cost 100+ mana to activate while webbed but it removes said webbing. Webbing would still turn blood rage off if you get re-webbed of course. You could use Invis with the huntress, hero boost with the monk (tower boost may be able to work for towers as well), the apprentice would use mana-bomb (increase the cooldown on mana bomb instead of mana cost on it). As far as Series EV, Summoner, and Jester it would probably be a little more awkward to implement, but I wanted to see how others felt about the idea in general.
  6. Just cleared this map the first time solo yesterday with builders in relatively the same range as your characters. Though as has been pointed out you might want to expand your character stable a bit (traptress, dps toon, aura monk), or bring a friend along, to get the results you want. Honestly with the stats you have once you have good anti copter measures in place clearing to the boss should be a relative non-issue. The problem is the boss is a bit ridiculous on nightmare. The 51 million HPs (solo) backed by her massive damage reduction (80%~ I believe) along with the ability to physically move and otherwise incapacitate towers (with webbing) makes her a exercise in frustration without a good DPS character to keep her preoccupied. So yeah, while the characters you have with you right now should perform their roles on this map just fine with the stats they have, you really might want to invest in a boss killer (that DPS monk, around same stat ranges though in hero stats ofc, with a 10000+ damage weapon) before making the attempt. Thanks, will try it once I get my monk up and some better gear on him.
  7. A 74 simple traptress for gas make the thing easy, sorry but i dont understand how a player with those stat dont know campaigns builds, seriusly. btw, use search function, you are the last asking for this, not the first one, theres millon of guides. I wasn't asking for a build, I was asking for a stat range that I should be looking at to handle NM mistymire solo.
  8. I'm looking to trying to do mistymire campaign on nightmare solo. I was wondering what kind of stats would you guys recommend. Right now I have: Tower Squire: 1000/1500/400/1000 Summoner: 500/1300/200/700 Tower EV: 400/800/500/300 Working on getting gear for a trap huntress, as well as a dps monk. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Just curious what kind of tower stats you have, my squire is around 800/1500/650/900, my summoner is kinda low as he is not 74 yet, most tower stats in the low 200's. With those stats I make it to wave 20 pretty reliably, but, anything passed that is a crap shoot really. Edit: Just saw the comments on the bottom of the ddplanner layout. Disregard lol.
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