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  1. Good luck with this! I would love to join, but I'm already on my second play through on a new set of characters with some friends. whos stopping ya from making a 3rd set! xD lol jk, Good luck mate :D
  2. Hi everyone(: I have done a great amount of stuff in DD and i just feel like playing a new hero and act like i havent done anything yet, without actually erasing my stuff. But playing alone is boring! if anyone that is new or wants to do the same as me, add me on steam: xxShadowhawkexx i only ask: 1) use only items we find while we play 2) use only when all players are present 3) dont be mean, have fun! honestly i just want some legit funess going on. maybe this takes off, maybe it doesn't. Cya online!
  3. Not really relevant, but it didn't censor 'shit':s Well i fixed it, apologies! xD
  4. Holy crap everyone, I was on Dota 2 last night and my friend barges in to tell me THERE WILL BE A DD2. Now, i was so shocked, at first i thoguht he meant dungeon and dragons. when i asked him, and he replied, i literally screamed. And when i watched the trailer, and read that they are also making it with a MOBA. I darn near crapped my pants. I am in love with Dungeon defenders, and it is so close to my love of Dota and Dota 2, i play nothing else but those games. so when i heard that they are making my two favorite games in the entire world. together? My god im still freaking out about it. who shares in my excitement? who is completely waiting day after day for that beta invite to come in? Oh also, if you ever wanna play DD or Dota with me, Add me on steam! Im not trying to spam request friends, in all seriousness if you are looking for a buddy. Im your guy xxShadowhawkeXx please post your excitement of this wonderous new creation that will match the gods of gaming!
  5. yes. will steam or trendy do anything? probably not. Unlike MMOs and similar games you dont agree to a terms of service or user end agreement before playing dungeon defenders so there really aren't any rules when playing online. this is true, and im not blaming trendy or anything for me losing my stuff, It really was my fault and i felt like i was gonan get ripped off, but i needed a new trans set :P too bad it bit me in the butt. But since there is no terms of agreement, it might be helpful for me to report this person so he can't keep doing it
  6. For future reference, you can always report the said user to the Report a Player section of the forums. Good luck! Yeah but he wasn't using a paypal store or modded gear, should i just leave what happened to me in extra details and not touch those boxes?
  7. -____- i just had some D-Bag kick me after trading, and i got nothing from it. i just lost 10b and a pkolb... it was my fault too, but is there anything i can do to stop evil people like him? idk how i can really have proof, but.. i was wondering for future reference i guess.
  8. Zara, if you want, i could run a couple of exp grind levels and get you 74's of all chars, too get you started somewhere
  9. Hello again! :D My question for the wise forum-stalking dungeon players is some Survival tips. I know you should use summoner to farm for gear and what not, but if someone could either: A) Direct me to the nearest thread that could answer the majority of my dilemmas B) Answer it your self on here! my main question is what are the best waves to start a survival on? EX: I've been farming Aquanos NMHC and ive been starting around wave 20. Is this the wisest/best course of action to get the most loot for my time? Thanks again for reading this have fun dungeoning!
  10. For my Fool i Did Thom Merrilin from Wheel of Time <3
  11. Hey - Newtotheforumguygivinghisopinion TO THE RESCUE! I think that Trendy should add a button that allows you to Toggle on and off the icons for towers when you pull up your map, because when im farming survival and im trying to pick up trandescent( or Sup, etc ) And all i can see are my beautiful auras and minions blocking the colored dots, it really annoys me. As beautiful as my towers are, they need to disappear sometimes so i can take a real look at what has dropped in my map, I'm sure im not the first one to suggest this, but if i am.... Sweet. :D I hope i have some people who know my pain and i hope people are still enjoying the game thanks for reading
  12. If you want to add me on steam I could probably help you out with the kraken. Steam ID is in sig. Im all set now, Thank you though anyways, after like 3 tries with these helpful pubs, we finally got it done. I hate that boss so much..
  13. for a kraken guide, refer to the all shards maps on NMHC guide in my signature ;) Yeah im using it right now, trying to do it, its just the damn boss, i need to get a better DPS wep for my monk, i need better ranged dmg, i have a pretty good sea horse. Or maybe i don't for all i know, Ill get it done and ill get started on farming Aqua when im all set, thank you so much
  14. Yeah ive really wanted to do Aqua, but i can't kill the kraken, its ridiculous, i don't have a proper strat for that and i could never get someone to show me, That would be really helpful. From what ive seen I do have the stats to do Aqua, i just don't have survival unlocked for it on NM. Ill add you drag, if you want to help out :D
  15. Hey guys, I've been in love with Dungeon Defenders for awhile now, played on the Xbox, then moved to the PC, and after playing for so long, i feel like I'm in "The Gray Zone" that spot in your builders stats where I'm too low to be doing the builds to farm: (Trans gear, Coal, Obsidian weps, etc.) But to high to shop for the majority of gear i see in stores (which is mostly Myth -_- i need trans and its always too expensive for the actual quality). Can anyone give me some advice on where i should go next? ---Stats---- Squire: 1292/2806/1258/1552 Lvl 81 EV: 843/3187/1476/1164 Lvl 90 Monk: 1453/2833/1353/1050 Lvl 81 Summoner 1330/3327/1053/2001 Lvl 85 Traptress 1194/2099/814/651 Lvl 79 I guess the questions im asking are: 1) How can i improve these for farming builds (should i switch the sets around to benefit other builders MORE, etc) 2) Are my stats good enough for builds already and I am just building wrong? (I can do KG on NM for campaign, but the farthest ive gotton in survival is around wave 18) 3)Should i just be farming KG and level up my heroes and just go through that constant grinding for now? Additional Note: I have an apprentice, but hes only 74 and i haven't even bothered with him, from what ive seen, not a lot of builds call for him, only for his fireball. Ill work on him eventually Also i do have a pretty good DPS Monk, so i can repair and what not during a build Thank you so much if you are reading this and helping me out, ive been scouring the shops looking for a good deal, and I feel like im missing something obvious.
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