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  1. What version of the graphics drivers are you running? latest? What versions are people running who aren't having your issues?
  2. Any chance of a DDDK update? I keep having ideas for new challenges then realising the base maps aren't in the DDDK. eg A treasure hunt challenge based on buccaneer bay.
  3. I disagree with the summoner getting an active attack (hail of arrows) style ability, it kinda undermines what the character is intended for. Instead I'd suggest the pet damage being buffed a bit and as a second ability a minion buff. I see this working either like flash heal, all minions within range when (where) are affected, or it could be slightly more precise where the player can select which minions to affect with the mana cost scaling per selected minion/MU. Whichever activation method is selected affected minions will be buffed (made golden perhaps) for a short period (10-30 secs) making their resists go really high and damage output quadruple (based on stats, scaling balance etc) This ability allows the summoner character to impact the battle in a meaningful way while personally remaining passive. To solve the issue with gathering mana, perhaps allow the summoner to gather mana while phased (not overlord) but have 50% of the mana lost when this happens so picking up a 500 crystal only gives the summoner 250 mana to use.
  4. The easiest option would be have a %age chance for eggs to drop instead of pets as end of map rewards on campaign maps which reward pets currently. The %age chance should drop significantly (perhaps to 0) if you have the costume unlocked. For bonus marks, the %age chance could be hugely increased if the local system time suggests it's late March/early April. Also increase the vendoring price (by 2-3 orders of magnitude) for large, huge + humongous eggs to encourage people to sell them off, removing them for the game.
  5. Maybe not, but you can store an unlimited (afaik) amount of it, unlike coal.
  6. Since you have no takers, willing to sell some for 10B each?
  7. Ability to make larger (100B) mana tokens Ability to type mana into trade window Higher price limit for AFK shops (100B?) Probably unrealistic but: AFK shops without the game open Edit: Push out a linux build
  8. Small diamonds should definitely be reduced in coal cost (or buffed (480 stat cap perhaps)) I also think that regular diamonds should also be reduced, however this is quite a controversial change given that they are used as currency. I see two options: 1. Reduce the cost gradually over several updates, giving the trading market advanced warning of the changes and time for the relative costs to adjust, if this option were picked I'd suggest a new cost of 80 for the next update and a reduction of 5-10 per update after that until it reaches a more palatable cost perhaps 50 coal per diamond. 2. Allow a variable amount of coal to be used to craft a diamond (clearly more work to implement) but would tie in nicely with the new tavern forge design, under this system a player could use any amount (maybe with a sensible min + max imposed) of (small) coal to produce a (small) diamond with the quality going up the more coal is used to craft it. Under this scheme, I'd like to see the possibility of spawning perfect diamonds if a sufficient amount of coal were to be used. 2a. As a nice addition to the above; perhaps it would be possible to use additional coal + a diamond to improve it's stats and/or change it's colour.
  9. I've always found it strange that most diamonds are worth a fraction of their constituent coal cost
  10. My thinking for screenshots was to have a hint with an attached screenshot; when clicked it would open up and show the screenshot - so the screenshot wouldn't be there all the time. Most of the suggestions could be done just using the description; so they are a nice to have kinda thing.
  11. Great work so far! I'm going to start off with a huge feature request list :) - Phased builds eg a build for wave 1, what to add for wave 2, extras to add for the boss fight. - Flags for Survival, Mixed mode, AFKable - Specific boxes to input minimum stats required on each builder - Search by builders required and stats required. - Show mana used (Total and per phase), could also add total mana required to upgrade - Layered builds eg for Kings game it can get confusing which layer items go on for some maps a switch to allow changing between map layers would be nice - Switch for Kings game to move between 115 DU and 125 DU - Screenshot upload; with ability to place on map (probably an expansion to the hints) - Min/Max players/afk's supported (might need to vary based on stats) All that said, I'd also be willing to offer you some assistance, specifically: code review and getting a handle on git, adding https etc. Might be able to help out with code in a month or two when things quiet down on other projects I have on the go.
  12. Think I've added you; trouble is I need to be logged on on my windows machine to play DD :(
  13. Worst case scenario is perfect Ult++ pristine armour dropping on easy deeper wells...
  14. I suggested fixing that bug; was pointed out that it would cause a lot of testing an other overhead to just fix it out right. So I suggested this solution as a more controlled way of bringing gear rewards in line with effort expended (esp on survival).
  15. @DjArcas quote: I've spent a while reading through the loot generation code, and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. The main issue is the relative disparity of loot rewards vs gear needed to complete the level. ;) For no reason I can find, the important numbers about /why/ there's only one useful survival map aren't anywhere on google, so here we go: EquipmentWeightingMultiplier=11.0 EquipmentQualityMultiplier=2.4 MapAdditiveDroppedEquipmentQuality=0.131, EqupmentRandomizerAdditionPerScalingWave=0.45, From looking at the (fairly tortuous) code, you can more-or less work out that Lab Assault has an item scaling of 26.4 - this is higher than any other map. Moonbase is EquipmentQualityMultiplier=2.2,EquipmentWeightingMultiplier=4.78 (10.5), and Embermount has 2.5 * 10 (25). That's then essentially multiplied up by a bit for hardcore, a bit for MM and then finally it's more-or-less just scaled by the wave. That final, single number ('quality', which incidentally could really do with being on the UI!) is then turned into the loot type. I have tried to do the maths, and work out which quality converts to which type of item, but the table goes from Godly at 8.5 to Cursed at -1000, then Mythical was hacked in at -4000 (!), which is about the point where the progression goes completely off the rails. Basically, your Roll is scaled up by the level, then the wave, then turned into Stats, then the game ret-cons those stats into an EquipmentRating, THEN it uses that against the hacked table of ValueThresholds, in order to set the Myth/Trans/Etc type. I would suggest that a Drops-Per-Minute addition, as above, would work well - X map on Y difficulty should have guaranteed minimum item quality, and guaranteed rewards of type Z - you simply have an increasing pressure to drop a new item of the maps' pre-determined loot quality. Tada, fixed. Aside from it being a total mess to look at, I agree that there is little wrong with the code as is. The trouble is that a high multiplier doesn't translate into better gear. The reason for this is that in order for something to be Trans+ it has a minimum upgrade levels requirement with the code as is, the upgrade levels roll over to 0 once you get to a high equipment multiplier making Trans+ less likely. This is why you'll often see myth items with 10 upgrade levels and 300+ in several stats - had the level not rolled over on that item it would have been an ultimate.
  16. To my eyes, that first cat looks pretty good. (I think the max level 1 boost is 140) Eggs: you don't have a full set so probably not worth a great deal - I may want to buy a few thou since I've also got an incomplete set. (Not sure how many I need)
  17. I'm looking forward to a brand new set of armour :D http://steamcommunity.com/id/dd082889/
  18. Would be against anything with griefing possibilities: - Crystal damage: at 10 - 15% a rogue jester could deliberately kill a survival run in a single wave (esp if a crystal already took damage; eg my KG build for some reason gets top crystal damage in the first wave but is fine afterwards) If you want to keep it, have it do 1 damage to the crystal; enough to prevent the no crystal damage bonus but not enough to lose a map on purpose. - Stunning players: just no. - Damaging players: again probably a no; perhaps change to damage self. You could perhaps add a 'cant hold mana' -ve effect, targets the jester that rolled it they drop all mana they currently have and can't pick up more. Any gained by other means eg genie is instantly dropped as well. Should last a reasonable time eg 30 secs ---------------- An entirely different way to nerf the Wof would be to speed up the spin speed with increase stat points in wof
  19. Bah, I was going to offer a DD trading card for them (wasn't sure it was allowed); disappointed I didn't now
  20. @ddace quote: Just make sure that if you switch to windows that you dont switch back as it will corrupt your Ranked data. Glad I read this, was about to play on Linux :/
  21. Perhaps we could combine this with the 'improve loot from chests' idea and have items which fall off the map, respawn from opened chests during the next build phase. *grin*
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