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  1. That's awesome! I would love to have it!! Even if I don't win, it's nice to see such generosity. :)
  2. OK, I don't think this is new news, but I actually had to dig a little through some old guides to find this. I thought I would share in case anyone did not know about this. I am just starting to gear up to break into NM. I have a Tower Countess and DPS Monk with relative attack stats right around 500 and other stats a bit lower than that. I read that if you can get through the first wave of Endless Spires on NMHC, you can run around and get the 4 chests! From start to finish this takes about 3 minutes to complete. After the wave is complete, I usually get 0-4 Myth weapons/armor from the chests. Then I just restart the level and do it again. And if you want, you can switch to a summoner before you open the chests to make sure you only get armor. The setup is pretty easy too. At the top section I put a bouncer blocking the North stairs, a blockade on the stairs that come down from the Northwest with a harpoon covering both lanes. I put 1 harpoon covering the main stairwell on the right (by the spawn area). I put 3 harpoons and a blockade covering the main stairwell on the left (where the ogre comes up). My weapon has 133% block so I just run down and block out the Ogre while the harpoons take him out. :)
  3. Yeah, I keep getting "failed to create game". Lame.
  4. I'm a recent convert from console to PC. I'm always looking for someone to run a map with or tackle an achievement. I'll look you up on steam.
  5. I ran KG with a friend earlier. We found the extra DU tile and used them for presents. We ended up getting a Darkness Trap, Lightning Tower, and Bowling Ball Turret. When they popped out it was just a matter of using Move Tower to pull them behind our walls and we picked up way more than 10 DU worth of extra units. Besides being nice to have the extra defense, it was FUN. I really enjoyed the surprise of not knowing what was going to pop out. It was a nice change of pace in a game of practiced build routines, long survival runs and grinding for gear/exp/mana.
  6. I'm a recent convert from console to PC. I'm not quite in the same league as your characters are, but if your friends stopped playing, I'm always down for a run. Friend me on steam if you are interested.
  7. Maybe you should try using the forums to find people who want power leveled?
  8. My Tower Countess is up to lvl 13! I am trucking right along. [QUOTE]Kinda happened to me as well when I started. I did "open" b/c I thought ranked was "ranked" play, as in leaderboards pvp etc etc. It does stink starting over need help let me know. [/QUOTE] beckett, I will check for you online. Maybe we can catch a game sometime.
  9. [QUOTE]Hey, if you just started a new character on ranked, add me. I'll start a new one with you. http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/dziggy[/QUOTE] Sounds great! I will look you up. [QUOTE]If you need powerleveling and some equipment, let me know (PM).[/QUOTE] Thanks for the offer HKN but I am going to hammer it out. Maybe I'll see catch you on sometime when I get geared up. :)
  10. Hi community, I am a recent convert from console to PC Dungeon Defenders. I've been playing local for a while to level up some characters and work on getting some gear. I thought now would be a good time to jump into some multiplayer. That's when the grim reality of "Ranked" hit me. I had no idea that ranked used online only characters and equipment! Blurg. Just thought I would share my lesson learned with all the peeps on the forums. Looks like I will be rocking some Campaign Mode on Medium tonight.... BTW if anyone is looking for a solid, respectable player to join their team for some multiplayer, let me know. I'm looking forward to playing online and not getting kicked out of every game because I am not using hacked gear/weapons (yeah, I'm looking at you Xbox).
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