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  1. not really excited about annother "item of choice" rng, since someone will -most likely- try to get some armguards of earth and just get some money for him... anyway a nice giveaway for those participating. good luck and rip my internet since i can only switch between beta and current mode within 4 hours of patching xD Item of choice, you don't say.....If I win, I want either your godly minions or crap of crap harp set. I will feed them to the abyss. Into the hellfire. You said item of choice right? Thx for this giveaway!
  2. Do you still want to buy this piece?
  3. co updated again. thx for the bid, and very nice farm you got with that ++ e-spear. most beastly one I have ever seen. congrats.
  4. bump, co updated. thx for the bid!
  5. Greetings! Need some square things, coals, or shiny things. Up for auction is this marvelous self-farmed Ultimate + Leather helm. Missing resists are both +17. Will cap tower attack or hit 681 (954 with set bonus) hero attack depending on how you upgrade it. Auction will run until 1/14/16 (Jan 14th) 10 P.M. EST. Normal currency will be accepted. Thanks as always for looking, and long live DD! CO-> 15 coob value Fluffmonkey69
  6. Traces are documented, so no need to post here for a trace. How about some feedback for the CDT, so they can make the next event better.
  7. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at Trendy for allowing the patches and event to happen. Next, I would like to thank the entire CDT for all the work they have done, and for free to boot. Thanks for helping to keep dd1 alive and kicking. A big shout out to Otter. Way to make a map that crushed almost everyone who tried it, including myself. Lets see you myth and godly lovers do this map w 2k stats, cause i saw people struggle with it that had 7k+ stats. Next, I would like to thank the whole events team, especially dj, hellfire, otter, and atlas. You four basically carried the whole event team. Although I was fortunate to run some people, real life was not cooperating. As for feedback, I think the event was very fun and challenging. Events should be hard, require teamwork, and not be easy to beat. The mismatch errors were a pain, but considering this was the cdt's first attempt at an event, they did a great job. The event item reward was a great homage to the new patch celebration thread. Love the casting rate on it. As for improvements, I feel the event needs to be advertised more on dd1's steam homepage, and maybe bring back the news page to let all who play know about it. I'm sure social media would also help boost the numbers, but since it is evil I do not use it. If the main dd steam group would put out an announcement like DD RNG did, it may help. Maybe a live stream of the map before the event would bring in some people. Thanks again for the event, patches, and opportunity to run people in events. I look forward to the next one, and hope to run and meet more great people. LONG LIVE DD! boon neca!
  8. 12 cube value (2 no cap diamonds and 2 cubes) on ult lupine bow.
  9. I'd love to see their sets, cause that map is anything but easy. Im ready for this to be released. Eat some turkey, watch some football, play dd. Don't ruin my Thanksgiving break!!!!! Thx for all your effort, CDT and Trendy!
  10. Thanks for the answer! Hopefully we see this on rnked soon!!!
  11. accessories need some love too. the ones you find while doing levels/survivals are terrible. not saying lab quality should drop everywhere, but would help progression if they actually made a difference.
  12. Any info about when this update will be released?
  13. Teach me RC How do I get Mrs Mkjo to love this game? if i knew how, i would. most of my fights were over dd, and idk if you saw the word "OLD." I don't think you want advice from me bro, unless you wanna farm lab for child support:(
  14. i know this isn't a permanent solution, but if you got a wired xbox controller. you could play multiplayer on the pc. Unfortunately, you would have to play on the same account. I hope they resolve this for you, because I started playing dd on xbox with my old significant other, and I myself enjoyed the time we spent playing together.
  15. 1. Chrome 2. Version 46.0.2490.86 m 3. No 4. Multiple things, like reloading a page, when i click on threads, etc. I will post more as I see them. Thanks for trying to fix this!!!
  16. Sploosh! Love this idea! Maybe just make a quick stunned animation, if possible.
  17. @Alhanalem quote: Because the behavior is only seen under certain conditions, none of which are deliberately designed. We wouldn't make stuff like this up. There are LOTS of bugs in the game that have been there since day one (like the trade bug for instance). if you want a more technical proof, I obtained one from CrzyRndm, our scripter: "The respond to damage code acted as if the animation finished 0.3 seconds before it actually did. It then tried to restart the animation which would prevent any further mana being granted. However, restarting the animation failed because the previous animation hadn't actually completed leaving a 0.3s window where each instance of damage dealt would grant a set of mana." While we can debate whether or not it's a good thing for the game or not, it most definitely IS a bug we're dealing with here. The genie was designed to give you more mana if you did more damage. the fact that you can get the maximum mana while using a weapon that does as little damage as possible goes against the inherent design of the pet. Which is why I proposed that we address the issue by increasing the genie's effect so that it functions properly but will still give you a good supply of mana. Dungeon Defenders 2 recently dealt with a similar issue, where a bug caused the building prevention circle around the crystals from working. But people were used to it being that way because it has been in the game since it was released to the public. That doesn't mean it wasn't a bug. And what did they do? they polled the community, and decided not to fix the bug. That's basically where we are here. It is a bug, do we fix it or not? Personally the way I see it, this bug trivializes a core mechanic of the game. But it seems like people aren't lamenting that because they consider it the most boring part of the game. I don't understand this myself, I like running around shooting things, upgrading, shooting some more, etc. So while the end result may end up being you don't want us to fix it, we can't deny that it's a bug, because it is. I never said it wasnt a bug. Just wanted to know why the cdt's attention is being used to fix something the community has tolerated, and never complained about, instead of fixing the bugs that crash or hurt gameplay. If I wanted the genie to work like this, i would open up dde.
  18. @anotherengineer quote: go try end game maps on wave 28 after this hits. has nothing to do with challenge. and not to take away upping. we try to up as fast as possible, so we can go have fun and dps.
  19. They way I see it, if you have to change the genie, that requires more testing and waiting. There is nothing wrong with the original mechanics of the genie. Let me ask you this, why does it need to be fix? Is it messing up some dynamic I do not understand? What is the purpose of this change?
  20. Make a new genie pet for those ppl who like the mechanic this way. I live to either dump mana or up like crazy. Any map. Please dont do this to us!!!
  21. the genie is terrible now. it took all the fun outta making upping jesters. if this isnt changed back, idk if i can continue to play. Please put it back to the way it was.
  22. thx acen and furry creature who talked to him. Now to make ur godly minions wishes come true, "oh the pain, the pain. make it stop"(as the archers shoot themselves, the spider webs the mage, and he poisons all the minion in the stack) rv, "meh, my name is ddace and i have a te by my name. pfft!"
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