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  1. ogres were pretty sweet. used them in survivals.
  2. No, its definitely Ogres. 100% ogres. Ill try and record it later when I have time. I mentioned in the above posts its wasn't Sharken. Been playing these DD titles for over 6000 hours. Pretty sure I know the difference between the two.... ddace and myself thought maybe it was Sharken running into the ogres doing it. But as I mentioned above, the only enemies near the wall were about 2-4 ogres. When a sharken hits a wall, it moves a decent bit. You can actually see the wall slowly moving when the ogres do it. My dps isnt as high as my tower stats so ogres seem to pile up. I know
  3. Has anyone had ogres moving their squire blockades/ ev walls? Is this supposed to happen? I know the Sharken can, but EVERY survival I run on Massacre difficulty I have ogres pushing walls. I dont think its a stat issue, guys around 5-7k main with 2-4k sides. Whenever more than one ogre is at my walls, they are moved. Any info or advice would be appreciated. Long Live DD!
  4. not really excited about annother "item of choice" rng, since someone will -most likely- try to get some armguards of earth and just get some money for him... anyway a nice giveaway for those participating. good luck and rip my internet since i can only switch between beta and current mode within 4 hours of patching xD Item of choice, you don't say.....If I win, I want either your godly minions or crap of crap harp set. I will feed them to the abyss. Into the hellfire. You said item of choice right? Thx for this giveaway!
  5. Do you still want to buy this piece?
  6. co updated again. thx for the bid, and very nice farm you got with that ++ e-spear. most beastly one I have ever seen. congrats.
  7. bump, co updated. thx for the bid!
  8. Greetings! Need some square things, coals, or shiny things. Up for auction is this marvelous self-farmed Ultimate + Leather helm. Missing resists are both +17. Will cap tower attack or hit 681 (954 with set bonus) hero attack depending on how you upgrade it. Auction will run until 1/14/16 (Jan 14th) 10 P.M. EST. Normal currency will be accepted. Thanks as always for looking, and long live DD! CO-> 15 coob value Fluffmonkey69
  9. Traces are documented, so no need to post here for a trace. How about some feedback for the CDT, so they can make the next event better.
  10. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at Trendy for allowing the patches and event to happen. Next, I would like to thank the entire CDT for all the work they have done, and for free to boot. Thanks for helping to keep dd1 alive and kicking. A big shout out to Otter. Way to make a map that crushed almost everyone who tried it, including myself. Lets see you myth and godly lovers do this map w 2k stats, cause i saw people struggle with it that had 7k+ stats. Next, I would like to thank the whole events team, especially dj, hellfire, otter, and atlas. You four basically carried the who
  11. 12 cube value (2 no cap diamonds and 2 cubes) on ult lupine bow.
  12. I'd love to see their sets, cause that map is anything but easy. Im ready for this to be released. Eat some turkey, watch some football, play dd. Don't ruin my Thanksgiving break!!!!! Thx for all your effort, CDT and Trendy!
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