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  1. Every time. 1. When you're picking up loot and you accidentally equip the item instead of sending it to item box. haha, I did this the other day at the end of a Sky run, my item box was full so my current item dropped to the floor. I was just about to press 'G' then I noticed it. Lucky, otherwise it would of been bye bye ulti armor.
  2. I could go on for hours :) 1. You're jester rolling and about to do the last column and you get hit...so you roll again, and get hit again... 2. As the upgrader, you have two people next to you dropping mana, but they are just passing mana back and fourth to one another and not to you. /faceplam 3. When building, you're running out of time, you rush back to the forge to switch off your build char and miss by half a second. 4. You're just about to finish the old one and you get disconnected from steam
  3. I think I have a couple, will check when I get home. Add me
  4. On NM it doesn't make much difference. I didn't max proj speed (not sure what it's at). Apparently on insane there is quite a bit of difference though.
  5. With coal only your highest bid may just very well be lets say 24 coal thats 4 cubes, but if you cangee it to cubes only you may just as easily get 30-50 cubes and thats much more coal in your pocket. Call me crazy, but thats just me. The reason I only accept coal is that I do not buy items, therefore cubes are useless to me. I could sell for cubes, then try to sell each cube for coal, but that requires more effect than I'm willing to put in.
  6. = SOLD = Accepting: Coal only Auction Ends: 48 hours C/O: 12 coal (ddace)
  7. Accepting: Coal only Auction Ends: 48 hours C/O: 10 coal (IGN_ejfaro)
  8. I used to but people didn't really seem interested in them. It seems that people just power level and 'want' to go straight to ultimate.
  9. Kudos to you Nicky for checking if it was stolen.
  10. Auction will end in roughly 24 hours.
  11. == SOLD == Farmed this the other day but I have no use for it. Accepting: Coal only C/O: 30 coal (2CooL)
  12. Definitely Tinkerer's Lab Survival. I've done NM Survival a few times and it seem that 80% of the time, if a sup/ulti weapon drops it will be a cardboard tube.
  13. Ruxpin

    Item Check Thread

    IC please. Posting for someone else that doesn't think this is hacked.
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