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  1. Just Hotfix revert the changes you made today and everybody will be happy it seems.... You make it too easy and the people that have 3k stats say its too easy... now the people with 3k stats cant even finish it... What the hell is going on? Who the hell makes these stupid decisions is what i want to know... I have 2k dmg on my countess and i was able to get to wave 28 with 3 other people... Now I don't even want to try it because it seems like it will be a waste of time. I would rather go die a bunch in aquanos or skycity which i can't even do either. LAME FIX YOUR CRAP TRENDY Edit : I just read the admin post I'll try the map again now and see what happens.
  2. Thanks alot guys! I'm going to try tango's build i had something similar to that we'll see if it works better for me!
  3. I'm having trouble with the new map on NMHC Just wondering if anybody has a build i can try out? Thanks sorry if this is the wrong forum -Indy
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