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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. Just how would I save .ASE? Isn't that exporting with ActorX? From what I have read that no longer supports recent versions of Maya. Before I start searching for that I'm going to try adding a simple texture to the object like you suggested maybe that will work. Thanks again for the suggestions. Also, @Nexus does that mean I should not tessellate the object so that it creates triangles? It was one of the steps that I had read. The poly count on the object I have is less than 1k which I don't think would cause problems.
  2. Hey, I have been trying to import a model from Maya 2012 to DDDK all day and haven't been able to get it to work. I've looked around and none of the suggested solutions work. I've exported the file onto my desktop as a .fbx file from maya and tried to import that file from there onto DDDK, I keep getting an 'import failed' message. I've tessellated the model, frozen tranformations, and deleted history but nothing will work. Any ideas on what the problem is?
  3. Yesterday after I updated dungeon defenders the dundeftool.exe is now missing form the binaries folder. I don't know what happened to it. Did it get moved to a new place or am I missing something? Yes I do have DDK installed and had launched it just a couple hours before the patch several times. Any help would be awesome thanks.
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