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  1. They essentially are just skins. They don't any special stats, and the abilities they get are the same as regular pet abilities with regard to effect. The only thing different about them and their animations is that they're a reskin of a regular one, so be ready for the RNG to give you nothing but green pets and not a single orange one. Also, funny how creepers don't have a legendary pet option and therefore no possibility of giving a orange premium. What's up with that? That aside, the biggest problem with introducing a reskin option to convert existing pets into premium pets is dealing with
  2. I agree, I would love for the purchasable pets to be skins for that type, instead of pets themselves, that way when they roll with bad stats or stuff you can't use you didn't just waste money on them. I'm paying for the look, so just let me overwrite a pet of the same type with that look and have it be a skin instead!
  3. TBK50

    Map Levels

    I could just be blind, but I would suggest adding an easy way to see what levels each individual map is meant for and what levels the "hard" mode is recommended for as well.
  4. Seconded, would be really helpful, especially for when the hero you're using is newer, would love to be able to see ability and tower tooltips too without going to a forge.
  5. Both for sure. Let's gear be good but also allows user customization and build preferences which is great also.
  6. Not a huge fan of negative stats either. If they had to be in, I think they'd need a serious rework because I felt more screwed over usually than anything when you got a pretty decent drop that was just completely negated by one or two bad stats. That can maybe happen occasionally, but for a loot based game you want to be rewarding people for winning, not just having them praying to the RNG gods that they get something that might possibly be slightly useful.
  7. I would also add that a way to see teammates (and maybe their health) without hitting escape and seeing who's clicked ready would be good too, as that's something that I noticed was missing in my game.
  8. I agree, it's not very seamless at all right now and is very jarring against the style of the game (it had this problem back in the old moba version too), hopefully we'll see a lot of improvement go into that...or I wouldn't be broken hearted if they just went with steams stuff too :)
  9. TBK50

    Tower Types

    I'm loving the upgraded graphics that come with upgrading towers, really nice improvement. Along those lines I wouldn't mind seeing varied upgrade paths that let you specialize your towers more than just upgrading them (ex frost tower upgrade for single target or an aoe type freeze) so that you could adapt to whatever situations you were facing on any specific level.
  10. Agreed. Also I liked the extra things you could do on the map (rockets, dynamite) but no one seemed to really be using it, so some kind of tooltip or indicator at the start that talked about/highlighted those type of things would be great too.
  11. I'm still trying to decide if I'd like the resource bars to be all in the same spot or split up like they are now, but I'd almost say I wish they were all together so I can just look to one spot in the corner and see everything. Also I didn't notice any defense limits but they seemed to die easier than in DD1 too so I was wondering if they're only limited by mana now (which seems to be more scarce) instead of limited by an amount you can build.
  12. Agreed, I missed the middle mouse button quick menu as well.
  13. I completely agree with the LoL thing pissing you off I hate Mobas more than anyone but I mean I can see why theyd pick that without coping LoL because if you have a Cod Like MultiPlayer Than Level 1's Will have no chance of ever leveling up. And besides a Cod multiplayer and Moba what other pvp options are there? Some unique and exciting ideas that were apparently thrown out I'd guess. I never did fully understand why they didn't come up with a cool way to integrate the towers somehow into pvp.
  14. Insane HC TD for leveling. You can get 30+ mil XP a run pretty easily (thats per character). Is that campaign or survival with multiple people?
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