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  1. 50 Squire, 20 Monk. I can do Liferoot FP on Normal...It's just tedious, and then depressing with a whopping zero pieces of gear to show for it after 4 or 5 attempts. The same with trying the first one or two maps on hard. I'd be cool with even like some +5 upgrades, but having gear that only drops hero stats is no fun combined with the amount of effort it took.
  2. Why? This was completely viable in DD1/DDE depending on your gear, map, and build. Most maps were doable with only touch maintenance to repair auras after you had everything fully upgraded.
  3. I'd like some tips on where to gear a fresh 50. iPwr ~85, I can do Free Play / Normal for the first few maps...It's slow and tedious, but doable. It's just very discouraging that most drops are all hero stats on top of the slow speed and not seeing any other players in there :(
  4. Glad I'm not the only one noticing this. Finally got to 50 last night, 4 runs of various maps and how many drops did I get with both power and health? Zero. I'd say a good 80% of gear was double hero stats, and the remaining 20% only had either power or health.
  5. Free Play / Normal / Liferoot - 72k w/ Quab dead, ~105k with him alive
  6. Not from my experience. I was playing with my wife and had invited to her my game, she joined after the countdown (chest was already available to me, but I didn't take it) and she was unable to use the chest and I received all the mana.
  7. The loss of speed wouldn't be so bad if target acquisition was better. Having 4 Cannon Ball towers guarding a lane and they are strong enough to easily 1 or 2 shot a goblin...Yet all four will obliterate the same goblin in unison, then move to the next, etc. Speed at least helped mask some of the non-optimal target acquisition stuff like this.
  8. I hate it...You never get a chance to actually feel powerful and do silly things like clear a map with only one or two towers or something. Same problem Guild Wars 2 has, no matter how strong you are you downscale to fit the content of whatever zone you are in...Having good gear means you might get a 5% advantage or so over someone who is the appropriate level for the area. It seemed cool at first, but having everything "always be a challenge, all the time" got old pretty quickly when I just needed to hoof it from one end of a zone to another. Similar thing here. What if a friend wants me to help them blow through Campaign / Quests or something? I can't, really. Downscaling just removes an optional element of play (feeling overpowered on low level content) that a lot of people actually enjoy. If you don't want a high level person coming in and removing all challenge, there is always private mode; or hopefully one day matchmaking will allow level restrictions (both min and max) like DD1 did.
  9. Super easy to get a Monk to 20 then just drop 2 Sky Guard towers on each of the tree stumps in front of her platform.
  10. I'm a major solo player and with your stats you should be able to easily farm Campaign / Betsy / Easy. With only Squire you need to start building Cannon Ball turrets on her platform each wave...I'd usually end up with 7 level 5 ones and she'd die quickly. If you want to make things a lot easier on yourself though, level a Monk to 20 for the Sky Guard tower. Drop two of those on each of the tree stumps in front of Betsy, level them to 5, and she'll go down very quickly. Rinse and repeat 'till 50... Free Play / Liferoot / Normal is also doable with just Cannon Balls and Blockades. You just have to keep on top of repairs, but it isn't too bad.
  11. Didn't even know there was an easy Onslaught available in Endgame...Back to Betsy it is then =\ Thanks for the heads up though!
  12. I've run FP / Liferoot / Normal about 7 times so far tonight...With a total zero drops that actually have both Def Power and Def Health on them. The majority of items are 100% hero stats and the remainder are some other useless combination. Are rolls tied to the map or something? Is my luck just that terrible? I was hoping to get enough gear to actually survive one round of Onslaught (yay monthly quest...) but at this rate I'd be better off farming Betsy for at least some power growth.
  13. This screenshot about sums up my experience...Better item in both stats and rarity, but a worse iPwr?
  14. Chiming in with the same issue here...Win 8 x64. I have sound for the intro videos but nothing past that. I've tried disabling other audio devices, lowering quality, etc. I had no issues on this same PC with Win 7 x64 previously, so I know it's a software incompatibility somewhere, just not what.
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