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  1. also on the note of 45 for that fire skin. Its hella ugly. I mean come on its the exact same base model with a fire texure. How lazy can you get. Who would pay 45 for a recolour of a hero
  2. paid cosmetic dlc is fine but anything more then 5 or 10$ is a big no go. Dont tell trendy to kept it up. They need to stop pricing things so high. Heck why are they even charging people for dlc when the game hasnt even finished development yet? Greedy much. They should finish their game first before they even think of charging large amounts of money for stuff
  3. its been forever since this has been an issue and yet still no fix. surely it can't take more then an hour or so to code jn an option to let us resize the screen because the game.image is being cit off/too big for tv. You just updated the ps4 version so why why this fix not included? You guys know that this is a very big but yet simple fix too add. So where is it
  4. woooo finally a reply. Thanks alot. Now it would be good it this issue could be added to a sticky thread of issue currently being looked at just for double confirmation thats its being adressed
  5. right. And not one dev has even adressed this issue at all. They completly ignore it even exists
  6. it could be a few days. All updating, patchets etc has to be sent to sony for certification before its then added to the game. And they said the were rolling back the patch. heck it could even be a week. Judging by other game devs on ps4 who talk about the patching process. They send a patch of for cert. Mau e a week later it will drop
  7. come on devs. You add and fix every other problem but yet will refuse to add screen resizing! many threads of this. I the image is being cut off on tvs and some tvs such as mine, even changing the resolution doesn't fix anything. why are you refusing to fix this!?
  8. This has been said so many times and yet still no option for it. Please add it in. Coding it in only takes a few mins. Some tvs just don't have the correct resizing options including mine. Mine only has Auto, 4:3, 16:9. All of them still cut off the image, even in 4:3 the image is being cut off. Just add the option already. Why are you guys ignoring this issue.
  9. so yea i hacked my items n stuff, but here the thing. i only hacked my items and used them in a private server by myself with noone else only ever playing by myself. but any way, the question i want to know is that seeing as im banned from online play, why cant i just re purchase dungeon defenders to play again?? i go to the store page to buy it again but it says i already own it >.> i really dont want to make another steam account just for 1 game
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