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  1. It actually means to just type out your offer and when the person returns he/she can press f1 and look at your offer and then add you if he/she is interested if i am not mistaken.
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    Thanks for all the wishes guys. PS.I gave my stuff away to those i think were deserving
  3. Peeb


  4. DD2? Is it confirmed or something? Anyway good luck in whatever you plan to do!
  5. ive gotten a sup weapon drop on td nmhc campaign..
  6. MAYBE just MAYBE hack>sell>hack>sell
  7. seen this guy before.He was selling ult armor in public shops.those had negatives which were close in every piece.All the pieces had negs too.What do you thinK? =D
  8. yay.been doing it with my survival build that takes about half an hour to build.gonna try it soon.. EDIT* worked like a charm.i literally randomly plopped down harps slightly following your format and it worked!
  9. the armor is obviously hacked.only upped 163 times
  10. I do sort of know that it doesnt increase the quality/drop.Anyway,one more afk only gives a few dozen more mobs.Thats pretty pathetic lol. EDIT* Currently in a run and when i add in an afk,the mob count decreases? whats up with that?
  11. You play more than 3 on Kings NMHCMM, you can say goodbye to your armor drops..............DLC will wash it out with certain Character. Jester or EV will wash them out with crap weapons. I would really like to kill the "run summoners" myth.. I am not sure who started that, someone that has not tested, and is fooled by just crap armor being on the map. Run Monk and app............ Two with the less DLC has gotten a lot of Ult armor for me wave 21. Less Trans armor drops, but the numbers are there to produce an Ult armor drop or a few sup Run just monk, and I normally Pick up over 20 tr
  12. hmm i didnt see it from that point of view.now as i come to think of it,thats quite true..wise man there lol
  13. so if i use the emulator for 3 afks and quit after the start of the wave,the effect is the same as having those 3 afks afk throughout the wave?
  14. K so your on kings game nmhcmm and you use the emulator/xbox controllers for better drops right? So my question is,the use of using emulators is to get more mobs for more drops OR does more players being around increase the drop. My point is,im thinking of using emulator before start of the wave and remove them after the wave for the increased number of mobs.With proxy traps and whatnot,your screen gets laggy with 4 screens displaying the same things. So,removing 3 annoying screens will reduce lag and make repairing more efficient. Would this work? Also,is it inferior toward having 3 afks thro
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