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  1. You can see it at the opposite, like the less you play a map the more it gives bonuses :)
  2. Hi all, Just was wondering if a system were the more the community play one map (like life roots forest for example) the more it decrease the drop rate on this map. It would force us to play maps we would'nt care except if it would be awarded. Hope the syntax is good enough to be understood well . (used the search fonction but wasnt simple to find an egal subject) Thanks
  3. I'm ok for a wipe, even with my +/- 700 hours. Just fresh and healthy for our favorite game ;)
  4. Got 94, think I missed only 2 dailies.
  5. Just keep your tokens..; Wait and see :)
  6. Something like keep this system + possibility to get infinite missions with only 1 token per mission would be nice.
  7. Don't think it's due to the hotfix. I lost 4 or 5 eggs since pets and dragon release. The incubator is a bit buggy ^^ Just noticed that the eggs which were incubated was still in my inventory without any timer on it. So, was wondering if I losed all precedent because I sold all my inventory and maybe precedent eggs without timer.
  8. Well after many tries to beat the mission Win the Wyverns Den in Freeplay 25++ still not unlock the mission and won the game many times in 25++ normal and hard even on 25+++ on normal. Don't know what to do...
  9. Just got Betsy on normal 25 ++ without Quab.
  10. Thanks for your reply ;)
  11. Hello everybody! I'm playing in private with a friend and we succeed 2 or 3 missions to get tokens. But, at this point of the game, playing on the map Den Wyverns, sometimes Betsy is in and sometimes no. Just was wondering if it is normal or something like a bug! Thanks
  12. In facts, you don't need to own dungeon 2 to get the forum vote, but you need it to get the login client vote, isn't it?
  13. Multiple accounts means several purchases, isn't it? Personally, I think it's normal to get X votes for X purchases.
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